1967 cup holders?

What are people with a 67 coupe with a full center console doing for cup holders besides saying “here, hold this” to the passenger?

Took the car to Sonic tonight and realized that one issue when I got my food.


There is a hump hugger console with built in cup holders that works pretty well.

I have the full console running to the back seats already. Was curious what people have Macgyver’ed together.

You eat and drink in your car?

Here is a link to the hump hugger console that Bill spoke about in his post. I don’t have one but I have seen a picture of one in Joe Gallagher’s 67 Cougar. I thought it looked great. He modified the hump hugger to fit the factory console better.

I use the passenger “hold this” method. My wife and kids do it so well. :thumbup:

Joe Gallagher’s pictures and text.


Wait a minute… :hand:

Going to Sonic for the food …is like saying I am going to Chuckie Cheese, for the pizza. :laughing:

Sonic and Tastee Freeze are best for ice cream and floats.

I mainly went there for the drive in aspect so I can show off the car now that I like how it looks. I got the food to go and put the bag on the passenger floor board and did the best to hold the drink in my lap for the ride home. It needs new carpet in a bad way, so I didn’t feel too bad about it.

Sounds like you need one of these: http://www.cougarpartscatalog.com/19plcoin.html

It fits into the seat belt holders in your console. The cool thing is, you can stash it away when you don’t need it.

Blitz my console doesn’t have openings for the seat belt storage. Was the console pad cut out for the seat belt openings in 67?

Oops… maybe that’s why it says it’s for 68-69 only. My bad!

I have a full-length console on my '68 XR7 and there are no spots anywhere for anything related to seatbelts. The seatbelts attach on the floor next to the rear end of the console, that’s about as close as they ever get to it.

I would love to have cup holders. Usually I just hold my beverage between my legs. I looked at this cup holder accessory on the WCCC site but it didn’t make any sense to me, I couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to plug into.

I don’t often eat while I drive my car. But when I do, I’m “talented” enough to hold the drink and drive at the same time. :shh:

For 68, only standard consoles had the seat belt holders. In 69 both standard and XR7 had the seat belt holders. No 67 or 70 consoles had them.

Sounds like we need to find a car with the right kind of console and do a couple “installed” pictures. Add it to my “to-do” list :boohoo:

Here is a link to a console that has the pockets.


See, this is why I try not to look at the WCCC catalog! I opened that page, clicked over to the 71-73 page looked down, and there it was, the cup holder that I “need” for my car! Just gotta have one… it’ll come in soooooo handy if I ever get Kathryn rolling again. :unamused:

Really? Cup holders? Did I accidentally log in to the minivan forum? :confused:

Yeah, whatever happened to the days when the primary convenience feature of a car was its number of ashtrays?

I consider myself “talented” enough like Local Hero so I don’t need cup holders, but after getting a good look at Joe Gallagher’s modified hump hugger It’s on my list of things to add when I get time. It actually looks like it belongs there and it might be nice to have the arm rest.

Yep, but that one still wouldn’t work with the aforementioned cupholder thingy. You need one like this: Center Console - Standard / Decor - Automatic Transmission - Used ~ 1968 Mercury Cougar ( 1968 Mercury Cougar ) at West Coast Classic Cougar :: The Definitive 1967 - 1973 Mercury Cougar Parts Source with the seatbelt inserts close together.

I agree, the modified humphugger looks pretty good. I was never a big fan just because of its sheer bulk, and the fact that it’s a glaringly large piece of non-original equipment in the middle of your interior. But that’s just me :mrgreen: From a functionality standpoint, I’m sure it makes a great armrest / cupholder.