1967 Mercury cougar low miles

Low milage cougar. 7680 miles. Dan Gurney special. Wanted to put more pics but site was not letting me. Beautiful car in all original form. Marti report avaible

Car located in California

Assuming you can verify that your Cougar has only 7680 miles from new, I’d be thinking listing a Bring a Trailer or putting it up for auction at Mecum Auctions or Barret Jackson as you have a very valuable Cat.

Or has odometer rolled over so add a 100K to the mileage?

I agree with Cavallino. If this only has <8000 miles on it, then it should be at auction.

You indicated that it’s a Dan Gurney Special. My 67 was also listed as the same thing on the original sticker (that I have somewhere) but the option was only about 80 bucks. Mine has been so modified, I have no idea what that line item got you.

Great looking car!

Dan Gurney Special got you wide oval whitewall tires, turbine wheel covers, and chrome items on the engine.

I have the Marti report. It is a Dan Gurney. The hub caps got robbed back in the 80s and they added the current ones. I spoke to bring a trailer. Not the right seller for this car. Everything about this car is legit. The vinyl is flawless on top. The origional floor mats have minimal wear. Seals are tight. Anyone interested in more pics. Hit me up and you be the judge. The shop i took it to to get shine her up was floored by the milage and originality. If it had 100k on it, there would be more wear on her…I truly believe it to be origional milage.

Didn’t mean to imply yours was not a Dan Gurney Special - was just answering hunyok’s question about what was included with that. You’ve got a really beautiful and rare Cougar there. I would put original wheel covers and repro whitewalls on that one and go right to Barrett Jackson. Good luck with the sale!

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Appreciate that. I knew a cougar man would spot the hubcap situation…the man i got it from told me a few stories and makes sence to me about the low miles.

What’s the price?

40k obo.

Im sure there are others but even the vacume headlight covers work. Mine never did. I had to do the ol when it gets dark pull over and open them by hand trick…

And a window sticker

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Here is the Marti report.

Really nice looking car! I would suspect that it’s been refreshed at some point. The paint looks “too good” to be original, and the pinstripes don’t quite look like factory. Also I suspect the vinyl top has been replaced, the giveaway is the absence of the stainless retaining strips that would have been inside the drip rail channel. I researched vinyl tops a while back (see post) as well as pinstripes (see thread) so you get where I’m coming from. That said, these are just educated guesses based on a few small pictures, so I could be wrong.

Anyway, car looks super nice, crisp body lines, interior looks original at a glance, etc. Hard to verify the mileage without a stack of documented history.

While I appreciate the feedback, i strongly disagree. I had a gentleman that does classic car appraisal take a look and he seems to think exactly what im saying is true. All original. There is a story behind the car that was told to me by the owners son. The story makes light of the car sitting in a garage in Sf for all these years…its a good one but only potential buyers will ever hear it…true or not, its a good story…

Your guy doesen’t know Cougars. Pin stripe are the give a way not factory.