1967 Styled Steel Wheels with painted centers

I have searched and come up with little regarding this. Supposedly one could opt to have their 1967 Cougar optioned with styled steel wheels to have the centers painted to match the cars exterior paint? Does anyone have more information on this and any examples? My Caspian Blue '67 has light blue painted steel styled wheels which appear to be brushed on. Thanks for any help


True in 1967 it was optional to have the Argent portion of the styled steel wheels painted to match the body color.

Interesting. Wonder if that option continued past 67?

It did not. However, many dealers painted the wheel backgrounds if it would generate a sale.

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Weren’t the available colors limited to yellow, lime frost, red, cinnamon frost and black? Just going from memory here but I seem to recall these 5 color options.

Is there any documentation that exists for this? I am not sure @jcbingcougar - my '67 GT is all original paint and interior and has 4 '67 SS wheels which I assume are original as well. I suppose it’s possible the high school teacher orig owner painted the centers light blue

I have a copy of the 1967 Cougar options list. It’s real. It is not listed in the 1968 book.

OK thanks Royce. Does anyone here have a car with this option or have a example(s)?

We had an original owner red 67 XR7 that came with the wheels painted body color here in NJ. It was a well optioned car and a very early XR7. At one point Phil Parcells noted it was either the earliest or second earliest in the database. The owner moved to the northwest years ago. Wonder what happened to that car.

Cool! Thanks for the reply. Were the wheels the same red as the paint or a different shade?

They were pretty close to the same color the wheels in the body, but she did have the car repainted at one point. Other than that, it was original.


Here is one that Don Rush sold a few years back. I believe it was one owner when he got it. Cinnamon frost with matching wheels.

It was discontinued mid year in 67 as an option

Wow - I had missed those pics. That was a spectacular Cougar! I don’t like the painted wheels as much as I thought I would, but they are sure unique. How cool to see the one-owner CA black plate cars still exist.

That Cinnamon frost car is awesome. @Don_Rush do you have documentation for that? My '67 GT is 6/7/67 build with painted centers

Shame on me for hijacking this thread. I wanted to once again state my opinion that the original color of the centers (at least in 68) was not argent, but an off color light green/silver color. JCC used to sell color matched paint that was specifically for restoring SS wheels and was/is dead on. Flame me at will…I can take it.

The background of the styled steel wheels in 1968 was Ford Argent. It has no greenish tint to it.