1967 X-R7 Wheel Bolt Pattern

I have two 1967 Cougars I’m taking out of 20 year storage. One is a Dan Gurney special with the dress up kit and the other is an X-R7. The problem is that the X-R7 is all original (35K) and the tires have rotted down to the rims. I have tried putting the stock wheels off the standard Cougar on it but the 5X4/2" bolt pattern is two small for the X-R7.The X-r7 has front disk brakes and I knew it came with a 1/2" wider rim but didn’t know the bolt pattern was different than the standard.
Does anyone know the bolt size and pattern for a 1967 X-R7?

OK, went back out to storage building with tape measure and the standard cougar wheels bolt patern are 4.5" and the X-R7’s are 4.25". Go figure? Anyway I opend the trunk and the original spare tire is a Firstone wide oval F-70 14 with narrow white wall, but the original tires on the ground are GoodYear wide oval F-70 14’s. Tow of the Goodyears are still in fair condition and the spare is in good condition so I’ll be able to use them to trailer the car and just need rig the fourth tire. Don’t understand why the spare was Firestone and the rest GoodYear as I’m pretty sure they were all original. Bought the car from the original owner who had the car in a relatives garage for years before she had to go to a rest home. The car had 34K miles on it at that time so the tread wear seemed about right?
Anyway I think it’s odd that the X-R7 has a smaller bolt pattern than the standard.
As a side note the interior of this car is like new with the swing-away steering wheels wood grain finnish crisp with absolutely no sign of wear. pretty cool.
Any inlightenment on the wheel size differences would be appreciated.

I have 4 XR7s and all have the 4.5 bolt patern as well as my mopars and AMCs. Disc brake cars do require a rim that offers additional clearence. If you are trying to use the rims off a non disc car you may run into trouble getting them to fit over the calipers.

Don, thanks for the quick reply. I measured both the wheel hole centers and stud centers and on my X-R7 they are definately about 1/4" less than on the standard Cougar.
I believe your are right on the disc brake offset as the standard wheels wouldn’t even come close to going on.
I’ll be back out to the storage building tomorrow to help my son-in-law load the cars(I’m giving them to him) and will get bact to you on how it all comes out.
I didn’t measure the wheel rim stud holes but they seemed to be a noticebly larger hole on the X-R7 than on the standard also, I’ll check that out tomarrow too.
That is quite a collection of cars you have listed there, not your run of the mill but ones you definately don’t see every day. How long have you been collecting?

I wish you luck with the wheel problem. Collecting ? Bought my 1st cougar new in 1968 so I would guess I’ve been collecting since then. I had 25 cars at one time mostly mopars as they were dirt cheap here in Ca. Sold off about 10 of them just before the muscle car craze hit. Kinda missed the boat there. Gonna sell of the rest of my mopar stuff and stick with the ford products and my Javelin. Anyway let me know how your wheel difficulty turns out.

OK, feel like a dummy but I was measuring from center to center instead of center to outside deminsion. The other wheels I thought were from the standard Cougar were actually GM wheels and I don’t have a clue where they came from.
My bad, no mystery just improper measurements.

Trex, what does your son in law have planned for the Cougars? If a restoration is the plan, post some picture so we can follow along with the progress.

I sure would like to see some pics of that low mileage XR-7!

Well it looks pretty rough sitting in storage all those years but I did take a few pictures before loding it on the trailer, very dusty even insde but you can still see the basic look of it.
I’m not very good on the computer but I can send the pictures by e-mail and let you figure out how to post them if you would like?

send on and I will put them up for you. change the “at” to an @ billbatclassiccougarcommunity.com


Looks to be in really great shape !