1968 351W Headers

I need some headers. I thought this subject had been covered but I couldn’t seem to find it. The car is a 68 with a 69- 351W with Dart heads. I thought I read somewhere about shorty headers working?? I’m sure somebody has run into this situation. Can I just get some for a 302 (assuming the exhaust ports are the same size) or do I need to find some for a 69?? Thanks in advance!!

My 67 Mustang Conv. had a set of hookers and they worked on the 289 and 351 W I had in the car. The headers were for a 289 302 67 68 Mustang.

Thanks!! From what I understand the cougar is the same up front other than the sheet metal. Can anybody confirm this??

I have Hedman shorties on my son’s '68 with 351W. They work with Ford heads…

yes they are the same in the engine bay its not a problem

Thanks guys!! xr7g428 are those the actual headers you have on the car? The exhaust port on the dart heads are more square than what you have pictured there.

FPA makes headers to fit the Dart head on a 351w in the Cougar/Mustang body. I have a set on my AFR 408w motor in the 67 Cougar and the quality and fit is top notch! Mine are the stepped 1 5/8" to 1 3/4"


Yes those are the ones we are running. I don’t know about the fit on the Dart heads.

Wow!! Those look nice! I found a set of Flowtech’s that I liked until you posted this. Now I have some thinkin to do. Thanks guys!!!