So here in Idaho they recently made it required to do a senior project to graduate and after trying to figure out something to do my aunt offered to sell me her 1968 Cougar, so I decided that If I restored this car it would count as a senior project and I would get a sexy car out of it. :slight_smile: My problem is I am not sure where to start with this car, I am hoping to start this topic so that I can recieve help and answers to my questions and hoping that if there is anybody else with these same questions they can be helped as well I am looking for some more specified help so if anybody would be kind enough to get in contact with me just let me know and I would love to make a new friend and receive some more specified help for restoring this car.
So seeing as my aunt cannot find the keys I am starting with those. I looked on http://www.cougarpartscatalog.com/keycode.html and found that I can send them these numbers and they will make me new keys instead of having to buy and install new locks and ignition, the bad part is that my aunt doesn’t have the Identification card and the stickers on the door have been all peeled off with just the sticky white leftovers there mocking me. so I do have to pull out the ignition to get to the code but again back to my original delima, I have no idea where to start, I see there is a little tiny hole just above where the key goes in but I’m not sure what to do with it. So this is where I start asking for help, how do I get it out haha :slight_smile: If anybody could help me with this restoration I would be eternally grateful.

1st off, welcome to CCCF :slight_smile: . On the link that you have listed on your 1st post, the 1st large picture just underneath the description is a pic of the inside cover of an original owner’s manual. If your aunt has the original owner’s manual for the car, see if it has the codes for the ignition/door and trunk key listed in it. John

Welcome, and congrats on acquiring a 1968 Cougar, the most awesome car ever produced by mankind! (maybe I’m biased)

If you’re committed to it, and really going to spend time on the car, then I’d highly recommend buying a copy of the Shop Manual for it. It doesn’t answer every question, not by a longshot unfortunately, but it has tons of info that is very helpful. I went with a secure PDF version of it, rather than paper, but either way is helpful for sure.

Don’t be shy about asking questions here, there are lots of great guys who know their stuff and are willing to help us noobs. I would have a much harder time getting anything done on my Cougar without help from folks here.

Have fun, and good luck with whatever obstacles present themselves. It can be tough at times but it is sooooo worth it.

Agree with all the above TMH stated…lots of help here, and 68’s are great. Oh, and WELCOME.

I’ll second that it’s the greatest car of mankind. 68 has better emblems but 67 has a better steering wheel IMO. Congrats and good luck!

I agree with that. Hey TMH where did you get your PDF version of it? I’d like a copy of it.
And also what does TMH mean?!?! Just curious.

I cannot find a post stating exactly where I got it, maybe I only said it on the other site? It was a website I found via a google search, I wanna say it was like “fordmanuals.com” which at the time I thought meant it was an actual Ford website. One thing about the PDF, it is a secure PDF, so, you can only open it on a single computer. And it has to be a Windows machine, can’t be a Mac. If the computer I installed it on breaks down (I guess I should say when, not if) then I’m gonna learn whether or not I can install it on a different computer or what. Probably I should just make sure to print all the relevant sections before that day comes.

Anybody gonna tell this guy how to get the ignition cylinder out to get the code of of it? I need to know the answer too, I only have one set of keys and when I had copies made a couple weeks ago and tested them as I was leaving the store I found that none of the copies worked. I don’t think they even had the correct thickness keys really, their stock seemed just about 1 or 2mm too thick. And like MrDrew I have no door stickers and I dunno about him but I have no owner’s manual. So it looks like I’ll need to pull my ignition cylinder to get codes too. And I look forward to checking/reseating all the wires and vac lines while I’m in there. :slight_smile:


To clarify, I realize there are no vac connections on the ignition switch. I’m just expecting that this operation is gonna require pulling off the dashboard which would get me at the headlight switch at the same time.

Without the key tag it is a much bigger deal. You cannot get the ignition lock cylinder out without the key. What I would suggest is removing a door lock and the trunk lock (if you can get the trunk lid open) and take them to a competent locksmith, they can make you new keys from these locks (for a price). The alternative of course is to buy a new set of locks/keys.

Welcome! (but everyone knows the '69 XR7 'Vert is the shizzle). :buck:

I got the download from fordmanuals, and had a computer crash. Never did get access to the manual again. The fellow from the site did do quite a bit to help me, though.

i just bought the CD, hoping it’ll go better. from a pc, the book doesn’t get dirty, and you can print a blowup uf what you need, as you go.

thank you all for the warm welcome I am very happy to be a part of this forum :slight_smile: but yeah I extreamly excited to get this car fixed and on the road its gonna be a super fun car I mean nothing gets better than a classic espically a classic Cougar :wink: but just as TMH said I dont have the owners manual either she cant seem to find any paperwork besides the tidal haha anyways my local lock smith said if i just brought him the entier ignition and the glove box he could use a special pick that he could freeze in the position and then show him the shape of the key so he could make a new one
my next question is, the cord to pop the hood is siezed up so i cant get under there to look, any suggestions on how to fix that?

Mine has a cable lock that you unlock with a key. The lock is mounted under the dash. If its not engaged and it still wont open try taking a screw driver or anything that can fit in between the center of the front of the hood and the center grill piece and try to push the piston in that slides forward and back to lock/unlock.
Every time I unlock mine I have to do this.

Are you certain you have a hood release inside the cabin? Unless one was added the hood unlatches underneath the bumper, not from inside the car.

You can’t get the tumbler out without the key, and almost impossible to get the entire switch out without damaging the switch, bezel or dash. My advice, call a good locksmith that can re-key the ignition and trunk. He WILL ask to see your title.
Ford dealerships used to be able to cut a key from the ownercard, you used to be able to buy Buggywhips at Sears and rotary telephones were the norm.

I don’t have a cable lock for the hood, keyed or otherwise. There’s a handle right at the top of the front license plate that pulls forward and releases the latch. That’s actually something I’ll address in like 5 years-- when I pull the handle forward, if I’m pulling upward on it much at all, the whole latching mechanism can get stuck open sort of. If I jiggle the handle around it comes loose. I can barely hear a metal on metal scraping sound that I’m sure is part of the lever mechanism rubbing and sticking. But as long as I pull the handle straight forward or even slightly downward it doesn’t stick, so, nothing I’m going to spend any more time on anytime too soon. Priorities!

Hopefully you can take some pics of the car, and then under the hood once you get it open.

Welcome to the CCC it’s good to have another member. Great info can be found here. Good luck with your Cougar project.

sorry to be a bother but would you mind posting a picture the piston that i am supposted to push back wards? cause i found one that i did try pushing but it is not movie and i dont want to be shoving on the wrong part

i have found the lever for the second reliese of the hood but the first reliese to just slightly pop the hood is what i cannot get open and yeah i will definitly post pictures

Unfortunately I’m not at my car. It’s probably locked from inside under the dash? Is there a lock probably chrome that takes a circular key under ur dash? If the lock is pushed in its locked. If its popped out and u can push it in then it’s unlocked. Cougars didn’t come with a release other than by the front bumper. You probably have a hood lock like mine. If yOu don’t have the key you can probably cut the cable and push the piston thing in. Not 100% sure. Can anyone else shed light on this subject idk if I’m explaining it right.

You know where the hood release is under the bumper? Well reach in there about 5 more inches,…you’ll feel that the arm then goes up…push down on the hood a little and pull forward on the arm, it should release.
PS I think that maybe the knob you are pulling on under the dash is the fresh air vent control.

yeah i feel kind of dumb now if found the latch and got it open very easily hahaha i have it all figured out now i got the hood open and i am not sure what the knob does but today was a day where it felt like some stuff actually happened i also got the ignition out and i already have the glove box out and they will go to the lock smith tomorrow so i will have keys!!! :slight_smile: hang on ill post some pictures on the request of TMH

Congratulations. Sometimes it is the little victories that make your day.