1968 XR7 J code 44k miles / One Family Owner / Garage Kept Original Paint

A customer of mine (Peter from the Seattle area) inherited this car from his Grandparents in 1989. As a kid he was told someday when they could no longer drive it would be his. His dream was to lift the rear, install Cragar wheels, some chrome under the hood, upgrade the radio and so on. He only got as far as installing a Holley carburetor (the original carb is in the trunk). Peter for years has driven the car around the block a few times a year but his interests have shifted to his sailboat. This car is what every Cougar enthusiast hopes to find one day… Garage kept, Western rust free, supple original leather, original paint, Tilt-Tilt Away, every document since day one, J code 302 with dual exhaust and priced the same as a Toyota Camry with 44k miles. The BFG tires were put on in 1989 and have less than 1000 miles on them, the car was driven 2x around the block last week and the carb is acting up, I have sent the original out for rebuild. I am asking $21k for this car, if it does not sell in under a week I would be VERY surprised. $500 will hold it for as long as you like, I can arrange delivery or store it for you as long as you need and yes I will take parts / parts cars in trade. Don 503-463-1130


Sweet car. I hope it does sell quickly. I have to ask, what’s up with the paint on the rear? Seems like very strange wear.

My bet is it was parked in a car port with the rear having the sun and weather beat on it. Mercer Island(Original owner lived there) is a upper scale area with a lot of Mid Century modern homes from the 50’ and 60’s that featured car ports with storage on the outer side and would be open at the back and some times both the front and back. Many have been bought up and taken down to put up newer high end homes using several lots.
But back to the car, that one looks very nice for the most part. That interior is a true time capsule.

Neil nailed it… The Left front fender got a bruise many years ago and that is the only area not original. Also keep in mind colors with metal flake in them from the day did not hold up as well as colors without.

The original owner was a Boeing executive who was very proud of the new 747. He gave many personal tours of the flagship including LB Johnson. He somehow jockeyed around to time his plates with getting the number 747. In the end he got 746 and was disappointed beyond belief, he even wrote letters to the DMV. It was a family joke for many years.

Neat car. Looks like the heater core is bypassed. That’s a fun job. :whistle:

Actually it’s no big deal on a non ac car

Here’s what it looked like in 97, the grandson is trying to find pictures of it from back in the day.

Such a neat car.

Somebody is going to get a real gem with this one. I’m surprised it hasn’t already sold.

I posted it on Facebook marketplace and Man those guys are brutal! They’re calling me a liar and pointing to the obvious rust all over the deck lid. You better have thick skin if you put things out for strangers to see on the Internet these days, the trolls know no limits. I have two folks interested in it, one of them will probably get off the couch and make a move on it in the next day or so I assume

Boy O Boy, I can’t believe it has rust on the trunk lid. Don, why would you “hide such a thing”? :poke:

On a serious note, I wouldn’t pay to much attention to the Facebook crowd. A vast majority of them are clueless when it comes to classic Cougars. :smiley:

This is an example of a fine, document rich Cougar. It will sell to someone who truly appreciates its condition and history.


I did a quickie listing for my phone please don’t judge me… https://ebayvehicle.com/app/SE1XQ8kaXp7FomEu6

This Cougar on eBay now 22K top bid after one day ? Very nice original showing how strong Cougar market really is with all the world problems. The right person detailing and properly painting this XR-7 Cougar will have a gem!

My bad about bid on eBay as top bid removed 100K mistake? This Cougar should still do well maybe even better on BAT. Also Face Book not my cup of tea.

WOW! Talk about rare… It comes with Recapped Good Year Studded snow tires with thin white walls. They were only used a couple of time, when was the last time you seen the likes of these?

oops… It dies have a little rust in the trunk at the drain hole, a scratch in the front bumper, a curbed RF spoke cap and a ding in the rocker trim. Best hood pad and rear seat divider sound deadener I have seen in years. Even my 33k mile GT was not that clean! If anyone wants to know what decal should go where on a 68 J code this is a wonderful original template.

Oh my gosh! Scrap it out…

That is a sweet little Cougar and will make the new owner happy.

Neil, do you recognize the decal on the windshield? The one on the deck came from the dealer I am told, their invoices have the same design.