1968 XR7 vacuum system details

  1. I know about the ‘under battery tray canister’ but even there I have questions.
    The vacuum diag shows only 1 connection to the canister but there are two spigots. What connects to the second one?
  2. In the headlight door diagram a second vacuum reservoir is shown mounted on the drivers side. I can’t find any reference to it elsewhere.


That’s the reservoir for the headlight system(Headlight reservoir). I’m not sure but I think a fully optioned 68 can have three vacuum reservoirs: one each for A/C, tilt column, and headlights.

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The small vacuum reservoir with two connections is for the AC system located inside the fender up by the hood hinge. The small reservoir in the fender well under the battery has a single connection and is used for the tilt away steering column.

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I got the vacuum system diagrams from West Coast Classic cougar. there are two .pdf files. One shows what I posted the other shows the under battery tray reservoir used for the headlights.
I’m confused, maybe the two diags refer to differently equipped XR7?

I found the post by Don_Rush identifying it as used for the Air Cond system and includes a link to West Coast documentation.

xr7g428, my reservoir under the battery tray has two ports so I’m still a little confused but may be getting closer.

It’s not uncommon to find that. They bolt in exactly the same way and the AC version used to be the only one you could get. Just cap the smaller of the two and you are good to go.

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The current state of my investigation is that there is a check valve on the vac inlet side of the under battery tray reservoir and the headlight vac line connects to the other port.
I’m not too concerned with the A/C vac lines right now as I’m not installing an air con pump right now. Maybe later.
My 68 may not have come with any other reservoir but I’m still checking.

Lots of things get changed over time. The little can under the battery is far too small to operate the headlights.

That seems reasonable.
I’ll have to continue searching for info. There is definitely not a reservoir in the fender well on the drivers side.
I took the engine out, along with some stuff I,probably shouldn’t have, over 15 years ago and am having a hard time. I’m looking at the stuff I stored to see if I find another reservoir.
Don’t find any reference to the second one to buy anywhere so far.

Looks like this may be what I’m missing.

That’s it, the tube goes forward through the core support

I found the connection under the passenger side hinge which I think connects to the under battery tray reservoir.
Wasn’t able to upload a pic for some reason.