1969-70 XR-7 Roof emblems and trunk lid emblem

I am working on a 1969 XR-7. The car is missing all of the XR-7 badges on the outside of the car. I need dimensions for locating both the trunk badges and the roof sail panel badges. I have both - just need to locate them.

Royce, there is a thread on the trunk lid XR-7 emblem placement here:

I will take some images from my Cougar ( Nov. 13, 1968 San Jose assembly ) of the placement of the attachment pins used for the roofside emblems on the “C” pillar, and post them later this a.m.

Thanks, that settles the trunk issue. I still need dimensions on the C pillar emblems when you have time.

Here are the images I took this afternoon for the measurements related to the position of the ( quarter panel / C-pillar ) roof side XR-7 emblem:

(1) from a ( reference ) point 3/8" below where the roof rail drip moulding attaches to the roof panel, and
(2) 4 3/8" ( horizontal ) towards the back of the car is where the first ‘nail-head’ stud is located
(3) the two ‘nail-heads’ are 1 3/16" apart.

That will work. I plan to install rivnuts and turned down screws - I have no fasteners.

I was wondering how you would get mounting studs welded onto that nicely finished calypso coral orange sail panel. Rivnuts seems like a much better solution.

The rivnuts will work because they were designed to be used when access to the other side is a problem - there’s a headliner over there. #6 rivnuts will work if I turn the screws down so they fit. The screws may have to be epoxied in place - I don’t know yet.

Did you notice the little ‘nail-head’ studs used to attach the roof side XR-7 emblems have a little script W on their tops ?

Just an interesting aside.

As to epoxying them in place, I’d highly doubt that would furnish the strength to hold them in place, judging by the force needed to pull the emblem down onto the studs ( the metal spring clips on the backside of the emblem are quite rigid ).

I would also wonder if the length they protrude out from the body is the same for vehicles with vinyl roof coverings vs. those that don’t ? I would think so, as the ( bright stainless ) roof rail moulding is different for vinyl equipped cars vs. that don’t have a vinyl roof.

Or maybe the ‘tightness’ of the mounted medallion on my roof is due to the vinyl and nothing else ?

Any one have some thougts on this, and some suggestions for Royce has how to affix a new set of studs to the C-pillar for the mounting of the emblems ( the most minimally invasive and least paint damaging ) ?

The W is interesting. Woodhaven stamping plant? One nice thing about the rivnuts - you can adjust the screw height to get whatever force you want to slide the emblem in place. Then the epoxy would really just be there to keep the screw from turning once the height is set.

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I don’t think you understand - I plan to install rivnuts first, then determine the screw diameter and height, then epoxy the turned down screws in place in the rivnuts. I will let the epoxy dry overnight, then install the emblems.

Hi Royce. Got the use of epoxy in the install. I’d be using steel’ twist resistant’ rivet nuts to provide the strength needed for this application.

Another dimension to consider is the diameter of the flange of the rivnut which ( once installed ) will have to allow the circular black plastic trim piece on the back side of XR-7 emblem to still lay flat against the C-pillar panel. There is a channel in the black plastic of 10/32" X 1" through which the spring steel clips can be seen ( that’s where the nail-head studs on the C-pillar panel slid into and retain the emblem to the roof side ).

I looked up the ‘size’ of a standard #6-32 rivnut, and it appears that it’s flange diameter could be 0.29 to .39" ( somewhere between 9/32" and 13/32" ). Some manufacturers riv nuts will clear the sides of the plastic channel in the back of the emblem, and maybe some won’t.

Unless the rivnut is flush with the body panel, then it will need to fit inside this plastic channel, in order for the emblem to lay flush to the side of the C-pillar. You could slightly trim away some of the black plastic to allow the rivnut to clear the sides of the plastic trim piece on the back of the emblem.

The flange of the rivnut may still contact the metal spring clip inside the medallion, however as the emblem is pulled downwards to bring the studs ( in your case a pair of screws ) tight inside the spring clip, it will then clear the clips, as they are curved towards the inside of the emblem.

Hopefully that render a lot of this discussion moot !

The back side of the reproduction emblem easily clears the rivnut. I ended up using the M3 rivnuts because the screw size was perfect.

I ended up doing everything the way I intended except instead of using epoxy on the screws I put clear RTV over the heads of the screws then installed the emblems. That way the emblems can be removed some day if need be. The screws are about perfect at 3/16" extension as shown.

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Darn that’s nice. The emblems look great on a non-vinyl roof as well. The black plastic backing piece on the emblem is much better at showing off the chrome ‘gear’ on a painted car C-pillar than my black vinyl roof.
Good work-around, and glad it’s here on the Forum for others to access if they need to do the same for their Cougar.

The trunk lid came out OK too. Thanks!

Looks great! Love that car and looking forward to more pics as the work progresses.

Royce, That looks a lot like one Don Rush had at WCCC about 20 years ago, Competition Orange with a Saddle interior. I don’t recall if it had the C pillar emblems. Nice fix for installing them.