1969 Repro Aluminum Rocker Mouldings / New Item!

Who wants to be brave and order a set (drop shipped from the supplier) and get them before we get detailed pictures up on our site? As a bonus, those that order the very first drop shipped sets get a free hardware package. Normally the plastic and metal clips would be an additional charge.


The quality will be similar to the 1968 Mouldings they have been suppling us for years (which means not as good as NOS)


We have tagged these as “Economy” as the stainless mouldings look nicer and will hold up better over time. The premium version is rarely in stock and downright offensive in price…


Order #209987 completed. :sunglasses:

Great price on those! How is the quality and will they attach with the factory plastic clips?

Done… Order # 209997 Placed Wednesday, January 27, 2021
I have enough 69’s around they’ll find a home on one of them.

Mine are on the way! I am told the factory clips work fine as they do on the 68’s they make. I sold them an entire car so they do test fit prior to release at Dynacorn. Brian might be the first to chime in as his are being drop shipped straight from the supplier. MUCH more economical than this route and finding good cores is getting tough.

Soon Dynacorn will have the front trim.

Way to step up! We all anxiously await your review here.

Awesome! Well thanks for taking the initiative getting these parts repo’d. ANy chance repo wheel well mouldings coming for the 69/70? It would be amazing to get good repo 69/70 dash pads and door panels…

Yes! Wheel lips are on the horizon!

I received my 69 rocker moldings yesterday. They were package nice and undamaged. Didn’t go to in depth looking at them. I have an ok pair of used ones I was going to compare them too, but haven’t found where I stashed them yet.
I think they’re a great option for the driver/weekend show car. Not NOS or the quality of a nice set of restored original moldings. I would give them about a B-. For the price it’s a good fit for most Cougar owners. I held them up to the ones on the 69 convertible and the length and end shape looks to be spot on and correct for a 69. Big plus no screw holes drilled in them :smiley:
Now for the negative.

  1. The finish could be better. They have buffing wheel marks all the way down the molding. looks like they got ran to fast through the final buffer. Holding them flat facing up to my LED shop lights it is very noticeable (light and dark stripes in first picture). Turning them sideways to the light how they would be mounted on the car isn’t noticeable. Have to wait and see how they appear once mounted on a car. I think it will be ok and not to noticeable once mounted.
  2. The black stripe is to wide. That caught my eye as soon as I removed from the package. Once I had it next to the one on the conv the difference really stood out.
  3. Each one has two of these mounting brackets which I don’t understand how they expect you to use them. No directions were with the moldings. The brackets look like throw away item and used the original mounting brackets.
    “As a bonus, those that order the very first drop shipped sets get a free hardware package. Normally the plastic and metal clips would be an additional charge”. Don, guess I need my bonus mounting brackets.

I’ll look closer for my loose pair of used ones this afternoon in the light to see if I can locate them for a better comparison. I’ll also take some pictures of them again the conv in the light.

Do i assume the supplied brackets screw to the sill, then the moulding snap on to the bracket thus no screws thru the moulding ?

They ship out of PA so you East Coast guys are getting the first ones off the press before me. I hope to see mine Monday and yes I do have a call in about the clips!

I agree with Brian on the finish of these and the confusion of the included brackets. Also, the ends of mine look like they welded the top side edge up and sorta ground it flat, but not quite smooth so it shows under the black stripe. Good driver quality, but definitely not show quality. I am ok with them since they were reasonably priced and I was not expecting anything but driver quality. Pics to follow.

Here are pics of both ends of the new and original ones along with included clips.
Mine also has some scratches and other minor imperfections.

Brackets that came with mine. A set for each side.

New compared to an original clip:

Looks like they are including 68 clips and calling it good enough.


The clips are a little longer than original, but they snap in well enough and seem like they will hold.
The original clips should work too and they actually give you enough room to lift and pull the trim off of the clips rather than having to pry the other ones loose. They are just 50 years old and a little brittle.

Not sure that I am going to use the larger plastic clip with the stud. I have a repro large metal clip with stud and spring that fits pretty well. I just have to mock everything up and drill a hole in the front fenders to match front clip stud location.

I went out to the shop and pulled the bubble wrap out and jiggled the box. The bag of clips slide out from the opposite end.

Got one side installed today. The original clips don’t seem to work. They are too short.
I had to elongate the upper hole slot in the provided clips toward the top by 1/8 inch.
I also could not get the trim to actually stay snapped on when I installed the clips to the body.

In order for the clips to actually hold the trim I had to add a spacer to the top portion between the rocker and the clip so the clip could slide fully into the top of the trim. I used a hot glue gun to stack 3 beads of plastic to the back side of the top about an 1/8 inch from the top to act as a spacer. Stack the glue beads like welding and let each cool a little before adding another or they tend to flatten out and run.

I think it turned out pretty good. In the pic, I still need to tighten the metal clip nuts down on the front and rear metal clips as the ends are out just slightly.

We just got 35 sets in last night and 12 of them have already been sold. The long wait was for them to get the stripe correct, the first batch had too wide of black stripe