1969 XR-7 Exterior correct pin stripes (Red)

I have just finished having my 1969 XR-7 Professionally painted in correct A-code Black and need to know what are the pin stripe specs width, spacing, and jams coverage.
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Here are some resources on that subject, though most of the research has been on 67-68’s. Should be similar, if not the same on 69.

I think the general consensus is that the stripes are 3/32", with a 3/16" gap in between (not center-to center, but the gap space) and the top stripe is about 1/2" from the body line.


As for the red paint code, without knowing for sure, I would guess it’s probably the factory code T (PPG # 71528).

Not sure whether 69’s had gaps between the panels like 68s’ (1/2" masking tape gap), or if they were continuous. Maybe someone will chime in on that, otherwise it’s up to you! (EDIT: I just looked at some original marketing photos of 69’s and they do not have gaps between the panels) Hope that helps.
1967_68 Pinstripe specs.pdf (207 KB)

'69’s do have gaps in the stripe between the panels. I thought I had the judging guidelines here but I don’t.

Ok, could very well be that the “show cars” used for photo shoots were done differently.

Thanks for all the help on pin stripe subject.
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I’m diggin my new red pinstripes on the black cat…