1970 Eliminator Road Test

Came in the office the other day and the April 1970 isuue of Car Life was on my desk.
One of my Vendors came across it.
He had seen my Cougar screen saver so he thought I would like it.

It wasn’t the best review.
Cougar Eliminator Road Test_Part2.pdf (183 KB)
Cougar Eliminator Road Test_Part1.pdf (189 KB)

Thanks for the posting. This is one of the articles where a Boss 302 Eliminator has only a 6K tach. The below is copied directly from the article.

“The instrument panel scores maybe
seven on a 10-point scale. The tach is
the best out. The engine only goes to
6000 rpm, so that’s as high as the tach

Sounds like Car Life didn’t like the Boss 302 Eliminator at all. I’d still take it over the Mustang. For me it’s all about the Cougar’s styling.

Nice read. Thanks for the post.

I remember reading a thread recently where someone was arguing that boss 302 eliminators only came with 8,000 rpm tachs, guess this article from 1970 proves that theory wrong…

Some interesting statements in there.

Never knew the part about the 5/50k mile warranty not being available for the Boss 302 cars.

Also, I would have to agree with the conclusion about the 70 being a family car with some guts. It’s really too much of a pig to be a proper bone stock hot rod when '70 was a very competitive model year and really didn’t leave much room for the Cougar to be seen as a serious off the floor competitor.