1970 WV Cougar

or, as I like to call it, my $5000 vin plate purchase.
My 14 year old son and I bought this WV cougar this past winter from a field in Petersburg, WV. I have traced the vin and it has always been a WV car.

That being said, EVERYTHING needs replaced lol.
We are slowly starting to scratch the surface. No really, this paint won’t come off lol. There’s old restoration, holes showing up everywhere. We do a little here and there as we can but I told him this could be a 20 year project, he want’s it done for his senior year in HS…

It is a gold vinyl top coupe model, black interior with a 351W. Our plans are to restore her to a triple black eliminator clone. The son wants to keep the Windsor in it until he can acquire and rebuild a 460 to drop in her.(his dream, I’ll let him have it lol)
I have wanted a 70 since I was 15. 30 years later, I got my only chance so I took it.

I like the hood scoop! Do you plan to rat it or are you thinking complete resto?

This is where we are at. Rebuilt the trunk, needed both drop down and rear fixed. added the quarters, pass wheelhouse patched, redid passanger floor, with torque boxes and lwer rails, different door, front curtain with a fixed upper clip rail and used fender.

Great progress - thanks for the update and for saving this Cougar!

  • Phillip

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Floors are all in

Sorry its been awhile. Been working at it a little each day. Fixed the cheese grater roof as well. Just about ready for epoxy primer

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WOW! That thing was gone! Great work!

Light at the end of the tunnel! Brings back lots of memories and almost identical panel and pan replacements as my standard 70! Can’t wait to see it in paint

I hate to admit this, but I have scrapped better 70 Cougars then that was when you started. Keep up fine work. I can’t wait to see the completed project.

Shes home. Now onto the body work

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Keep up the great work