1970 XR7 coupe lots of pics


Today I brought home my first Cougar, it’s a 1970 351,2v, automatic. Runs and drives, albeit poorly, and leaks like a sieve. My goal is to first get the car running right, and figure out where all the leaks are coming from. This car has not had any TLC in a long time. I will be working on it as time allows, mostly on weekends. I’m excited by the challenge, and at the same time, hope i am not over my head.

Welcome to the club TCELL. I’m on my second Cougar and always feel like I’m in over my head. The little victories always feel better that way. My first Coug was very similar to yours. Happy to help if I can in anyway.

Thanks. Haven’t done anything yet, still checking it out. I think I have my game plan figured out. In the next couple weeks I should start breaking down the parts necessary to pull the engine, clean up the engine compartment.

Welcome to the insanity!

Started the tear down.

nice and crumbly[attachment=5

packed with pine needles

American ingenuity

Pretty much stripped, almost ready to pull.

Pulled the engine this Saturday.

Ready for the builder Monday

Cleaned the FMX

Pan almost ready for some paint

Spent some time cleaning the engine bay, gotta long way to go.

Excellent opportunity to switch to a 5-speed manual :wink:

Are you planning to do the engine bay yourself? You can save good money with some hard work and a lot of patience…

My old engine bay…

My new engine bay

You may want a professional finish though…this is just a rattle can job.

Yes, I am working on my engine bay as we speak. Yours looks nice and tidy. I am striving for that level. Just something that will make me happy.

On a 70 you can remove the cowl and clean that out while you are there. Speaking of pine needles.

Best of luck to you…keep posting your progress for us.

I finally have the engine bay, where I am happy with it.

You may not be able to tell, but it is a lot cleaner now. My work space is the dirt portion of my backyard.

This is my AC vacuum canister. When I removed it all the vinyl/rubber coating was peeling and a hole had rusted through the top edge.
I wire wheeled all the crud off it, epoxied the hole , and gave it a nice coat of semi-gloss black

I am almost ready to drop my engine in to the car.

Today my brother helped me get the Cougar running. Yay! :smiley: Took all day, and have a few issues to correct, but I think we are progressing.

Awesome. Always a good feeling the first time you fire it up again.

Cleaned out the cowling today. I knew there was a bunch of pine needles, maybe a bit more than I thought.

Actually pretty clean. No major issues.

That looks great - mine was similar-had a ton of pine needles but luckily no major rust !! Keep the pics coming