3 core aluminum radiator replacement

Suggestions appreciated. I have a 302, World Class Man-O-War block bored out from factory to 4.125in., with AFR Renegade 165 heads with 60cc combustion chambers in my 67 build. The car has a TREMEC T5 and is going to have vintage air installed. I am getting ready to put the radiator in. I was thinking a 3 row aluminum with electric fan. I only have about 7in in front of the water pump pulley. Does anyone have a good idea for what l should get?

I only have a “Do Not Buy” recommendation. I bought a Champion clamp in three row aluminum radiator and was displeased with the performance and the fit.

Keep in mind Copper / Brass is more efficient. This video might be helpful.


It’s not about the number of cores necessarily. You should really consider a double or triple pass radiator

You need a combination of coolant flow and air flow for proper heat exchange in all driving conditions. I’ve been pleased with my DeWitts aluminum radiator and my Derale dual electric fans plus FlowKooler water pump.

Most here seem to prefer mechanical fans with thermostatic clutch. That wasn’t the way I wanted to go on my car.

Did you have any problem with your FlowKooler pump being noisy? Mine makes a high pitched squeal as it warms up. When I spin it by hand it squeaks like a dry door hinge. Bearing is tight and smooth, so I think it is the shaft seal.

I see a fair number of aluminum radiator installs that look like an after thought/kind of sort of fit that looks out of place to me. If you take the time and fabricate the mounts and get the proper position that is OK. I went with copper brass after discussing with an engineer friend for better heat transfer and use of stock mounts.

Nope. Mine is quiet.

The DeWitts radiator uses a stamped tank for and OEM style look which I like. I also had them apply their black coating then did a black radiator cap cover.

Also check out Griffin, see if they have the whole kit (with elec fans). Pricey yes, don’t know if they do black, but a friend has one ( in a bow tie car) and its black ( he didn’t go with the fans) looks very nice installed. :smoke:

I use a 2 row with 2 electric fans since the WP nub was to close. Also had to trim the corners of the radiator to keep it from hitting the hood. I have a 460 with engine oil and trans coolers also.
I remounted the license plate mount upside down to allow more air flow also and have an air dam. Keeps her cool even during 125MPH runs here in Nevada. Coolant stays around 185 and engine oil around 195, trans oil around 160. I have temp sensors in my systems to monitor them.

I used a brass 24" radiator and electric fans with good success. Plenty of clearance to the pullies and uses factory mounts. If going to run electric fans I highly suggest an electric fan controller over mechanical relays.