390 to 445 Stroker Build

Hey guys,
I’m getting a Cougar together and I’ve started the engine build, which I have filmed so far. The past weekend I put together a video on some of the processes I am using to put the engine together. Also, some of the hurdles I am presented with in a project such as this. There will be more videos as things move along with the build. Here is the link:


So far so good. I did something similar last year building a 462 CI engine from a 428 using the SCAT kit.

You might want to look at this:
[Spirolox installation tool] Friday Tool Time: Painless Spiral Lock Installation and Removal - EngineLabs

Awesome…thanks Royce! I found a different brand at Summit and both sizes are added to my cart.

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed watching it and look forward to seeing the progress.

The 2nd in a series…

Resurfacing Ford FE 445 V8 Engine Block on a Van Norman Horizontal Milling Machine - YouTube

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As a hobbyist I cannot build an engine in my garage, so watching this was educational and fascinating. Don’t want to give away the ending, but measuring and double checking everything saved this build.

There are always hurdles to cross. Dealing with another hurdle this weekend, which will make it to video pretty soon.
thanks for watching!!!

Awesome video!!
What did you end up using for exhaust manifold/headers, intake and did you go hydraulic flat tappet or roller?? I assume since the bottom end stuff is from Brent’s shop he did a custom grind cam for you?

thanks! Now that the Cougar assembly marathon is over, I will soon get back to editing more videos.
FPA tri-Y headers with Grey Ice coating. 2 1/2" Pypes dual exhaust with X crossover. I think the mufflers are Jones Exhaust----similar to a Borla or Magnaflow design. There are 2 1/2" resonators that are in the tail pipes next to the gas tank.
The intake is a 63-64 Ford dual quad topped with two Edelbrock 1405 600cfm carbs.
Yes, Brent spec’ed the hydraulic roller cam. 227/238 @.050 on a 111.5 lobe sep.
The heads are from Brent as well. They are C6AE-R heads that were used on Brent’s 352 Project Junky Junk.
Very happy with the performance of this engine. Lots of pep and great sound.
445 first start. - YouTube

Moved under it’s own power from Massachusetts to Carlisle, Pennsylvania for a first trip.


A bit more video on engine build progress:

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another installment of 445 build:


A little further along…

While the video cover pics look similar in appearance, they are all different. To create some order, I numbered the Eliminator for each consecutive video.

Here is a short one to post about gasket matching the intake.

#8 is up. Thanks to those who’ve been watching my progress.

Here is a short one for #9. Pushrods, Restricting Oiling, Priming and Painting.

Ooops, I published video #10 a month ago and forgot to update this thread.
If you are following the build and haven’t seen #10, here is the link:

Here is #11 in the series of the 445 build, which has evolved into included the car assembly as well. Enjoy!

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Here is #12, the last video in the series. Thanks for watching!

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