429 CJ Cougar Getting Press

My July issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines came today. I was blow away when I saw that one of the feature cars is a 1971 Cougar. Not just any Cougar, a four speed 429CJ XR-7! I could not wait to get in the house to start reading. It’s a great write up and the current owner is the same man who ordered it. How cool is that!

In the same issue the also feature Jay Leno’s 7 Litre Galaxie.

Sounds like a good issue. Thanks for the heads up. I’m increasingly interested in the 3rd gen cats, especially the 429CJ cars.

I downloaded the article. I will post it later today. I’m really enjoying this issue so far.

Here is the article. It is out of the July 2012 issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines. (< That should take care of copyright stuff :smiley:) Enjoy!

Very nice car, and the owner reads like he’s a nice fella too.

Take a second and reflect on the power ratings of this car. 450 lbs/ft of tq at 3400 rpm is nothing to sneeze at, especially when it’s all corked up.
The dual quad street hemi only made 15 more lb/ft at roughly the same rpm. This engine was beast.

Hmmmm… Car looks nekkid without the triple lower body pinstripes. Trunklid is missing the Cougar script and XR-7 emblems. Probably would look better with rocker moldings and w/o moldings as well… Still a purr-ty cat though!

Those are some nice numbers. The torque would just plant you in the seat. I was surprised by the factory compression ratio of 11.3:1. That’s pretty stout. Nice numbers, nice color, nice options and nekkid = a real nice car.

Richard has had the car at Carlisle AFN in the past and it was also there this year.

My preference would be no pinstripes vs wrong pinstripes on the upper body line.

With 448 cars built and only 75 known serial numbers and less than 60 existing cars don’t pass one up if you are looking. They don’t come up for sale very often.

Restored XR7 HTs are selling between 65,000.00-82,000.00 at auction.

In their day a 429CJ was a high 14 second car - mainly suffering from wheelspin and the quadrajet, a 429SCJ mustang (780 CFM Holly) was a 13.40 range car and similar times on a 70 SCJ torino.

One of the reasons so many 429CJ cars are missing their Q-Jet carbs!

Blackcat429CJ how about posting some more pictures of your car if you have time. With numbers that low we don’t get a chance to see the rare 429CJ’s often. :thumbup:

I have posted public facebook links for both of my 429CJ cars as well as my 73 351CJ 4spd XR7 Conv





Thanks for posting the links to your pictures. I won’t be able to view them until tomorrow. Our fire department has a web block and policy on using facebook, so I have to wait till I’m off shift before I can view them.

WOW, two 429CJ’s and a 351CJ I’d say that is one sweet collection. :beerchug:

LMK if you have a problem veiwing - Somebody does have to love these cars - for years they have been ignored - BTW there are at least 5 people that own 2 or more 429CJ cars!

Never knew that. Very good information for my brain to chew on.
Alas, I have R and Q tastes, but an H code wallet. :buck:

Mitch I must say your pictures and cars… Very nice.

The attention to detail on the white 429CJ is along the lines of Brain’s “Gunner” GT-E. Thanks for the links.

Love that black car, Mitch! The detail on the white one is amazing but the color combo on the black one is killer.

Thanks for the kind words Guys, Amazes me that In addition to my car I know of 3 other Black 429CJ cars that came out of GA/SC/VA - The car in VA didn’t have AC - I agree that the black is striking. There are several other colors that I beleive are striking on the 71-3 cougar

Next to black my top 5 favorites are
Lt Pewter/Black
Red/black - or white
Bright Blue metallic/white
Bright Lime Green/Dk Green

The White and blue is nice - but just not the same as black!

The big thing on 429CJ performance is launching the car. I have “played” with some of my friends with 428CJs - If the 429 gets wound up they can’t catch me - its the launch where my car suffers and with basically 4100 pounds of car/fuel/driver I’m easily 400-600 pounds heavier than the 69 Mach 1 and 68 KRs that they have. When its in tune my car will run very consistent 14:1-14-2s thats with 9.5:1 compression, 3.50:1 gears. Otherwise my engine is SCJ specs with a 780 holly and solid lifter cam.

I agree with black being a “killer” color, but then again I’m partial to Black Cougars!
It’s a small world, I just saw a yellow 71 convertible with what appeared to be saddle interior. I haven’t see any 71-73 Cougars in this area. This one appears to be a daily driver. So overall it’s cool to see another classic Cat on our roads.