50th Anniversary Celebration 2017 Carlisle Ford Nationals

Thought I’d start a thread here for the 50th show that the Delmarva Cougar Club and the Cougar Club of NJ/PA is hosting at Carlisle next summer.

Below is the show flyer. “Like” the DDC’s Facebook page and check our website for updates.

That one is close enough that I actually might be able to make it. Hopefully I’ll enough of the detail items done that I won’t get picked apart TOO badly.

^^^ Please come and bring your Cougar! We are not planning on having any formal judging (just some popular vote) so no one will pick apart your car.

Stu and I want to be able to enjoy the show ourselves, so our goal is to host a fun, easy going and hopefully HUGE gathering of Mercury Cougar enthusiasts.

  • Phillip

YES, bring your Cougar. Don’t worry about getting picked apart. Over the past 20 years I’ve brought some pretty shabby, Cougars to shows and most people are happy to see it. Generally, people like to hear about what you’ve done so far and what your future plans are for the car. I’ll be dragging in at least one shabby Cougar myself.

Carlisle 2017 will be awesome!

Yes bring whatever Cougar you have and PLEASE PREREGISTER for the Ford show.
The space we are given is based on the number of registered cars we have.
Mark (Cougar Club of New England), Phillip (DCC) and myself (CCNJPA) want to get as many Cats on the field as we can; new and old, painted and rusty, driven and dragged. You got it bring it. In fact if you want to register a vin plate that counts in my book too LOL.

No joke we want to see as many of you and what you have as we can.
Fun will be had by all. And the hotel is taking reservations http://cwp.marriott.com/harwm/mercurycougarclub/
PS remember there are many other parties going on next year so check the CCOA site for more info. The NY party should be lots of fun too along with a COOL T-Shirt (Thanks to Phillip)

I will be there with my car. For those hesitant to bring a car that is not show condition I have brought my project car which is rough to Carlisle 2 or 3 times. It attracts more lookers than the finished cars. I may not have a driver for it next year since Scott is in Florida.


Carlisle has opened pre-registration:


Please take the time to register your Cougar early, Carlisle will choose where they put the Cougars on the show field based on the number of pre-registrations, so the more Cougars the better the spot.

More info on the awards dinner soon!

  • Phillip


Cougar Peeps:

There have been questions about room availability at the Marriott Courtyard Harrisburg West/Mechanicsburg for the 2017 Carlisle Ford Nationals and our 50th anniversary celebration. Stu Nembrotti, president of the Cougar Club of New Jersey/Pennsylvania, reports that the hotel still has rooms available at the $132 event rate, but just with king bed and a pull-out couch (all double queen rooms are booked).

You can reserve a room online under our room block at this custom link:


If you have trouble with the online system, contact the hotel directly at (717) 766-9006.



Carlisle Events Holiday Sale will end midnight December 31st. The sale is 20% off the show registration. Normally registration is $55. with the sale it’s $44.
Register today, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night to get the discount. As mentioned, we need all the pre-registrations we can get to have the best position in the show field.

I took advantage of it and registered today, I got my king room two weeks ago. As long as my wife’s health is good that week, I will be there with the 68.

Has anyone contacted the owner of the XR7-S, who last I knew was in Michigan, to see if he would bring the car to Dearborn?

Sorry typed before reading this was the Carlisle thread.

^^^ LOL - but hey, if he wants to bring it to Carlisle we won’t turn it away!!

  • Phillip

I know the owner of the XR7-S. No chance of it being at the 50th shows.

I would love to see the XR7-S in person. It is one of the cars that is on my bucket list to see and take photos of. It is a one of a kind Dream Machine.

If there is any way to see it at an event or in private, I’m in.


I just finished up our show logo art -

Be there or be square :beerchug:

Beautiful, love the styled steel wheels.

Thank you Mark -

I must say, I’ve been working as an illustrator for almost 40 years and I have drawn a LOT of stuff. Planes, ships, trucks… and lots of cars including Mustangs, Corvettes, Thunderbirds, Porches, BMWs, etc.

The Mercury Cougar has such elegant lines. Clean, crisp.

It is a beautiful car.

  • Phillip

I’ve said it many times before, and I will say it again. Philip, you are the man! I can’t believe the great illustrations you come up with. If you were less busy with real money making projects, I would inundate you with Cougar illustration requests.