50th Anniversary for the '68s

Hope everyone has a warm and safe new years eve.

2018 will bring the 50th anniversary for the '68s so get’m running and get’m shined up!

Hope to see lot’s of you next year :beerchug:

And when do the shirts come out?

Might as well jump on the band wagon!

The Colorado Cougar Club is holding the 50th for the 68’s

We have a few choices on when, so how about a few suggestions for dates?

Very cool art work as usual!


There will be shirts, decals, posters, all sorts of stuff!

  • Phillip

Great! Can’t wait. Happy New Year! :dance:

Nice work as usual!
Looking forward to the festivities, and stuff :hand:
Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes, Happy New Year peoples.

Cold here in Richmond VA this New Years Eve, looking forward to the warm weather and the start of the show season.

  • Phillip

Love the artwork Phillip. You are THE Cougar artist in my book.
I don’t think we will make it to Carlisle again this year, but boy we would like to give it a try.

Thanks Scott. I enjoy working with Gavin and I’m honored to contribute.

Gonna miss you at Carlisle this summer, but you picked a great one to attend!

Hard to believe our '68s turn 50 this year. I suspect like me, most of us got our driver’s licenses in the '70s when these cars were only a few years old and cheap, used cars. I have a VW Passat that I bought new and is now 18 years old.

Time sure felt like it moved much much slower in the '70s :sunglasses:

That’s some great artwork Philip. It would make a great poster for a garage.

Happy New Year!

Thank you Phillip for all of the hard work on all of the 1968 model variations. The 50th Anniversary themes are neat and we have a lot of them ahead of us.

I’m looking forward to all of the clubs setting their event dates for the 1968 model 50th Anniversary events. Merchandise will be coming soon as we are working on lots of options.

We have been adding to the merchandise store on www.CougarClub.org

There are a few event flyers going to be in the next ATSOTC, the more we can add the better everyone can plan their car show season.

Thanks so much Gavin - very exciting times to be a classic Cougar owner.

Last year was a whirlwind, but a ton of fun. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed being a part of this community more.

Speaking of shows, Carlisle is of course always the first weekend in June -

The Delmarva Cougar Club, The Cougar of NJ/PA and the Cougar Club of New England throw a party their every summer. Last year was just off the charts. We got a huge tent and a premo spot on the Show Field due to the robust pre-registrations, so I urge anyone that is planning on going to register early.

1968 was a banner year for the Cougar, as the XR7-G and the GT-E models debuted and the 428 Cobra Jet was introduced.

Below is the graphic that I created for the Cobra Jet.

And while I’m at it, here is the graphic for the GT-E.

Might as well post the stand-alone XR7-G graphic -

All are just incredible Phillip.

Great artwork!!! So cool!!! I agree they’d make great posters or banners.
Happy 50th, '68s!

:smiley: I cant wait to see what you are going to do for 1969 model year!

^^^ I am soooo excited about doing the '69s!

The 'verts and the Eliminators - I’m seeing psychedelic, groovy, 60s influenced art - like the marketing art Mercury generated for the “Streep Scene”.

  • Phillip

Another group of great designs, Phillip!

Philip all I can say is WOW! :thumbup: