67 289 271hp "Cougar Kit" Engine

in Facebook i found a 67 Dan Guerney Special with
“Cougar Kit” 271hp 289cui Engine stated as rare Option.
I never heared about this?
I should be the Shelby/ K-Code 271hp HiPo solid Lifter Engine from Mustang.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Would love to see the Marti report. Guessing its an owner that added a bunch of over the counter kits - or at least that would be the claim. Still would not be a K code not a 271 HP Shelby engine without adding more than what was available in Cobra Kits

Be careful, but there words Cougar Kit do have meaning unless he is making it all up. There were dealer installed kits to hop up the Cougar, and those goodies are rare and valuable. In any event, there were no K code 271 HP 289 Cougars built by the factory. Ever.

Paste a link to the Facebook page so we can have a look.

  • Phillip

Who knows, No Cougar left the factory with a “K” code engine. But a buyer could have the dealer put a lot of things in or on a car. To be of historic value, IMHO, the seller needs to be able to prove the car left the dealer with that set of parts. Other wise it is just a nice add on.
FORD should have put the K code in to Cougars.

Here it is:

Would the Cougar Kit have been the same upgrades as upgrading a 225hp 289 to a 271hp 289 from the factory? Was it a different intake, carb, air cleaner, valve covers? And was this option actually advertised by dealerships or was it a secret behind the scenes thing?

Here is what was listed in the '67 Dealer Options book:

If only I could go back in time.

This is very cool. I was thinking the Cougar Kit was like the “How to sharpen your Cats Claws” advertisement. Thanks for posting that photo Bill.

I thought that the rear window defog option didn’t come out until 1968?

Maybe not factory option until '68.

Interesting scan. Do we know if they were ever offered (other than in print) or any cars built/ordered with one from the factory (Marti report for example) Interesting that its written as if you could order one item, all items in the “kit” or any combination. Really unusual for a factory offered option. Seems to suggest a dealer IMHO option only

Reason for taking that line is that Ford often included stuff in the Dealer Option books that never became available and sometimes eliminated from future printed versions

Just a possibility

The booklet this came out of has both factory options as well as dealer installed items. The Cougar Kits were NOT factory installed items. Ford strategy was to sell the car and then let the dealer do the customization. Many factory installed items could also be ordered and installed by the dealer. There are cases of dealers even installing in-dash AC in a GT-E. Ford thought the dealer was the best location for personalization of the vehicle. This was particularly true of high performance parts.

When Hot Rod editor Eric Dalhquist complained to Ford about the lack luster performance of Ford Street vehicles, when Ford was dominating professional racing, was met with a response that they were letting the dealers do the hop up work, and all they needed was the factory parts book to do it. They pointed him to Tasca Ford as an example. After riding in the KR8 Mustang, he wrote the “Should They Built It?” article that got the Cobra Jet into production.

Thanks for the explanation that this was a dealer installed thing. Going to be hard/difficult to document

Also dealer installed things like this must have really hit the wall the following year as federal emission standard too effect

Since this would most likely be a dealer only option I would think it is something that wouldn’t show up on a Marti Report.

Yep with this new (to me :wink: information I would agree. Making my earlier post/comment groundless

a cool find isnt it?
Now i have to lacate a Cat with these option to buy :whistle:

Some of these items were on the Group II Cougar. :dance:

Now THIS would have been perfect for the Dan Gurney Specials…those would be worth a fortune now :sunglasses: