67-68 front chin spoiler

Are there any good quality reproduction chin spoilers for these model years? I have heard of people having a tough time finding one that fits because ours were never made with one from the factory… so I am curious if anyone has had any good experience with one from a supplier.



Is this a pretty well fitting reproduction? Some people say they have to modify the spoilers once they are received to fit

The best bet would be to call John and ask him about the fit. 616-396-zero three nine zero

Cool find. I like how the chin spoilers look on a lot of cars. Particularly the Cougars. Going to pick on of these up as a Holiday gift to myself.

We have quite a few of them in stock and you can’t really call them a reproduction because they were never available originally, we had so many returns on them that we discontinued them, on your next good order mention it and I will throw one in for free, I think we still have about 10 lying around here somewhere

Thanks Don and Happy Holidays. I’ll make a note of that. Are they all the same brand? I’ve read threads from “perfect fit” to “heat gun”… Maybe just folks expectations are a bit off since as you stated they aren’t factory but aftermarket.

All from the same supplier, all mount midway up the valance and a heat gut on fiberglass does nothing. Fit is terrible, looks like crap.

Think it goes without saying with anything fiberglass there is a certain level of trimming, sanding, fitting before they fit right

I’ve heard the 67-68 Camaro ABS spoilers fit fairly well.

Mine does…

I’ve seen that suggestion also. More aggressive looking IMHO. But I couldn’t hang a GM part on the outside of my car. All though I don’t feel the same about connector rods and other core parts. Just keep it classy…

Truer words have never been spoken. Mine is now a permanent piece of the car, thus making the front clip almost one piece save for the hood.

Im not at all worried about a Camaro spoiler… Considering its origin and the mis-spelled “Camero” on the back of it… I thought it fitting LOL. Besides Im running LS coils, LS wires, LS throttle body, etc.

I think the contours of the Camaro spoiler work well on a '67/'68 Cougar.

They did use a spoiler on the NASCAR Cougars.

So a Camaro front spoiler works on a 67/68 Cougar, what modifications are needed to make it work, what about attachment points?

20 minutes from start to finish. I used self tappers on the back side after I pre-drilled the holes. Best part is when yes “WHEN” you tear it off on a parking stop or driveway, its 39.00 bucks to replace and the screws just pull through the plastic keeping the steel valance intact.

OK, but where on the frame, do you attach the self tappers, and you don’t use body bolts, that attch the valance to the frame?

The valance is super light weight so self tappers are all thats needed. the screws go into the valance. Nothing connects the spoiler to the frame directly. Added bonus is that it hides my intercooler piping nicely.

Got it, BUT can you use the bolts, that hold the valence to the frame, to attach the spoiler? Or would that not work? The ones sold by WCCC attach
by using the bolts to the frame, I’d hate to put screw holes in my valence!!