67 XR7 auto to manual conversion

Hi folks!

I have been the proud owner of my 67 XR7 (numbers matching small block) for the last 18 yrs. I would love to do a T5 conversion and I would need everything! I’m thinking that I can find the trans and bell here locally. I’m located just south of Detroit. This car is an original west coast car and has never been driven in a rainy day, nice #1-2 driver. I’ve been told by a friend that it will drop the value of the car, I disagree. I know a reputable trans shop that has been here since 1970, I will see what the labor costs are. I don’t know where to begin to locate parts, so Don suggested that I check with all of you. I need a complete list of necessary hardware to make this happen. Any and all input is greatly appreciated!!


Mark = )

Welcome aboard, first of all. Being in the middle of a similar swap, I think I can help a bit.

In addition to the trans and bell, you will need a manual transmission clutch and brake pedal. Not sure if you can use your pedal hanger or not, Don or someone will have to chime in on that one. Your existing automatic brake pedal can be cut down to take a M/T brake pedal pad, from threads I’ve read on some of the Mustang sites.

You’ll need to cut the hole in the firewall for the clutch actuation linkage, be it cable or hydraulic. And you’ll need a tailshaft to connect the T5 to the driveshaft. Also a conversion cross-member will be required.

I THINK that’s about it…

My belief is it will not devalue the car. If you believe your car could in time be worth $60k then yes, it may hurt you but consider this… Anything you bolt on you can take off. Keep every nut bolt and clip off the car, clean it, bag it and stow it in your garage. Someday it may help in the sale if you can point to all the correct parts and say I will reverse the conversion for free. Then you sell the 5spd conversion to pay your labor. My opinion is that a correctly done clean conversion will increase the value of the car by about what the parts cost you. BTW, welcome to the forum! Stick around and you will learn a lot.

Can someone point me in the right direction for parts please? = )

Hmmmm, click the WCCC banner on Don’s post…at least for the pedals.

Conversion items can be found at http://www.moderndriveline.com

You do not have join every Mustang and Cougar forum but it might help just to do a search on a few. I used the word"tremac" and found this thread at MC.net.

Welcome to the Classic Cougar Community. Good advise from Don and Mo. Good luck with your 5 speed conversion. It should make for a fun ride. :thumbup:

Check out mustang steve website. He builds cable conversion kits. His website also has a forum explains everything in better detail, but his website shows the parts and has a link. I can start you off. Trans, t5 bellhousing, a new pilot bearing(roller preferred), 28oz(if using a non roller cam motor, pre 85) 157t flywheel that has bolt Pattern for 10 1/2 inch clutch, I recommend ford racing king cobra setup. All bolts for bellhousing to engine and trans to bell,(metric). You can shorten your driveshaft input shaft to fit a T5, or buy one. You may need to have your driveshaft shortened. Go to mustang steve for pedal options


Hey guys,

What a wealth of information! I’m running a 3:08 gear that keeps the revs down on the expressway. I’m thinking that the T5 will have a healthier 1st gear (compared to my C4), what do you think? Does anyone know if the firewall would have been predrilled for the clutch pedal and linkage? Im going to start pricing parts right away, will keep you all posted! Using my tablet now, but I will post pics of “Precious” as soon as I get a minute to jump on my pc! = )

The Power Nation show Engine Power this week just showed installation of a manual transmission.
They even showed the crossmember replacement on a 67 Cougar.

The company is American Powertrain and they sell complete kits for your conversion.

Everything depends on what style of clutch linkage you are using before drilling. Cable or mechanical rod or hydraulic$$$. But, you can start by lowering he steering column and taking out the pedal mount, or get a good look at it. 308 gears will be ok, depends on tire diameter. But you wil have a very noticeable difference in take off with the t5s first gear. Should feel like 50hp more!

I’m not sure if I should go with a hydraulic setup or a traditional cable. This is a completely stock small block, and I do not beat on it. Right now it looks like the parts are going to total around $3500 or so. I may just go with a regular linkage.

Wow, I think you can do it for less than $2000 easy. Good rebuilt trans are about $800 flywheel $75. Bellhousing 50-75$. Clutch pressure plate $300 trans yoke 30-60. Brake pedal(cut yours) bolts $25. Mustang steve kit 369 bearing kit $40 new u joint $20 cut driveshaft $150 or find one. 2wd explorer aluminum fits nice.

Your firewall will not be predrilled for the needed manual trans holes but it should have their location marked. If your car is equipped with a console and you want to keep it you will need to replace the top pad and chrome plate under it. The chrome plate is reproduced but the top pad is not. The top pad is 67-8 XR-7 only and finding one for a manual trans is not easy.

Randy Goodling
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I’ve been in touch with a gent that does full restorations and has done many of these conversions on mustangs. I’m meeting w him Tuesday and we are going to go over the needed parts, which I can get many locally. I know I can cut the brake pedal but I’m thinking that a new pedal will match up better, thoughts? All of you have been very helpful. What a great bunch of guys…thank you! Mark. = )

It’s very easy. You are just trimming the pedal to match the rubber cover. Never noticeable, save you a hondo. really check out mustang Steve’s forum and site, they do this all the time. I was pricing new parts for a swap using jegs. if you want, I can write down every part with price and where. You find the trans and bellhousing.

Blue is right, it is easy to modify an automatic pedal. Best to use a pattern though, it’s that measure twice, cut once, scenario.

During my disc brake conversion on my 1968 XR7, I trimmed a *1970 disc brake, automatic pedal. Used a pattern from my original 1968 drum brake manual pedal. Scribed it, cut with hack saw, used a file and dressed it with my bench grinder. Probably took 10 minutes. I even reinstalled the rubber pad from that drum brake pedal.
*Note - the reason I used a 1970 disc pedal, was because I matched it to a 1970 brake booster push rod. I actually used all 1970 disc brake parts on my 1968 XR7 conversion.

I have a chance to get a factory 4 spd. Console. Can someone tell me where the shifter of a T 5 falls into place in that 4 spd slot? Can the T5 be used w the factory console and still have a stock afunctional appearence? = )

Also, conventional clutch linkage or hydraulic system…any thoughts guys? = )

There are three choices.

  1. Stock ‘Z’ bar and rods.
  2. Cable style like used on Fox Mustangs.
  3. Hydraulic.

I used the Mustang Steve adjustable cable conversion. I like it, should have looked at hydraulic closer.