68 4v carburetor replacement

New to the forum. And I’m hoping you can assist. I have a 1968 Cougar. 302 with a 4V original carburetor. I want to replace it with a 600 cfm carburetor and was hoping someone could recommend 1 that would fit directly on with all linkage and vacuum lines and so on being connected without any or little modifications. And if mods are required what had to be modified? TIA looking forward to providing assistance and getting it on this site.

A Holley 0-1850 bolts on with no mods of any kind. The factory air cleaner fits too. I ran one on my '67 289 for 300,000 miles from 1977 - 1989 with no problems of any kind.

I’m looking around for the 0-1850. Seeing that is a manual choke and can’t find a reliable Cross Reference chart. Do you have any idea what would be the model of a direct replacement with an electronic choke?

The same carburetor with an electric choke is the model 0-80452 Holley 0-80452

Thanks man. Hopefully 1 day I’ll get the knowledge of a Ford the way I do with Chevy’s :rofl:

You will have to drill the throttle rod for a cotter pin. It will need a 3/32" or #40 hole drilled through it. The factory clip will not work because the new Holley carbs come with the generic motors style throttle arm.

Cool, that will be no problem!!! Just want to get that Autolight carb off when I’m done rebuilding the engine. Planning a dual plane aluminum intake as well.