68 headliner molding question

I have questions about my headliner. The headliner was redone prior to me getting the car. On the passenger side, there is a trim piece and it is missing on the driver side. Not sure if this is original, but either way I need to put one in the driver side. Does anyone know if this is an original piece and if so, where would I find one for the driver side?

That channel should have a rubber molding glued inside it on each side. WCCC sells both the (used) channel and the (new) molding that you need.

I’m Confused … I’m asking about the interior piece that looks like vinyl with stitches, going down the sides.[quote=“Newtocoug, post:3, topic:31226, full:true”]
I’m Confused … I’m asking about the interior piece that looks like vinyl with stitches, going down the sides.

It’s called wind lace, that looks like the 67 XR-7 style. You should be able to get one from WCCC. It also looks like the weather strip(rubber molding) is not installed as Royce noted.

I think what Royce and badcatt have noticed on your '68, is the missing rubber ( window ) weather strip, which inserts into the stainless retaining channel. Here’s your image again, with a large red arrow indicating where the missing rubber should be :

I’m surprised you did not notice the difference in the way the two doors would close ( sound ? ) when one has the rubber to ‘cushion’ and soften the closing of the door vs. the other. When you first attempt to wash the car, well you would for certain notice the lack of the weather strip at that point !

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If the windlass is missing that is a problem too - and WCCC is the answer.

Thanks Royce! I’ll be ordering it from WCCC… I have been a regular customer…I just was unsure what the piece was called. I appreciate the help form this forum.

Your on the right track. Not all cougars have this and If Im not mistaken its a xr-7 or decor package only.

Looks like yours is black and if your not able to find a black one its easy to paint it to match. Mine where originally green and they took to being repainted very well. Also keep in mind they are going to be shorter then needed due to weathering from age. There are some tricks to help stretch them but even then they may end up too short. Mine do not tuck behind the panel as they should rather stop at the top of the panel.

A possible solution to the length issue.
Cut the front windlace off ( the thin short section).
Install the thick end into the rear qtr panel and finish toward the front.
Now take new windlace (sold by foot) and measure & cut. Now “defect” is not in plain view.

If you have trouble finding the windlace, I have a black set from a 68 decor along with the a pillar mouldings and set of black visors. PM for more info.

I think I tried that but based on how mine had molded the last 50years I couldn’t get a good fit that way. However it’s worth a shot when assembling as your results might be better

This is what I mean by too short. They don’t tuck behind the panel.

The one trick of hanging in the sun with weight attached worked for me. I was able to gain enough to get the rear tucked. The front is still a little short.

my picture was the results of adding weight and sitting in the sun, made it better but this was as good as it got. Honestly its really not too noticeable and I have other imperfections that bother me more then that piece.

Wow, yours must have really shrunk up more than mine. I imagine each case will be different. I know I had used the SEM vinyl prep on mine before stretching because mine were sprayed black by PO and I needed to get them back to original Ivy.
Good luck to the original poster.

I ordered the wind lace from WCCC. It is not the correct piece. I will attach a picture with the tape measure over the piece that I’m looking for.

It looks approximately one and a half inches wide and has stitching on either side.

Also… our rear trim piece is in really poor condition. Are those available new and what are they called?

Yes thank you! We did get the rubber molding into place. We really appreciate all the support and help from this community!!

The trim next to the rear seat is not available. You have the 1968 decor interior option and it is nearly identical to 1967 standard interior. Only used original parts are available.

OK great can you define what the piece on the roof is called?