69/70 Cougar Styled Steel wheels. What size you running?

For those of you running the factory 14 x 6 Cougar Styled Steel wheel on your 69 or 70 Cougar, what size tire are you running?

The F70-14 was the factory tire and most stuff I read says the modern equivalent is the 205/70R14. I want what looks closest to the factory but I’d like a wider tire for a beefier look if possible. Will a 225/60R14 still fit on the 14x6 rim without any issues?

I ran 215-60-14 on a 6in Magnum wheel. They fit but were pretty close to max width on that wheel. I’d imagine the (repro) OEM style wheels would be similar.
You will also want to consider interference on the front wheels - these were very close to hitting at a full turn & a wider tire with the same aspect ratio will have a larger OD.

The rear will take at least 245-60-14 on 8in wheel with plenty of room to spare. The staggered look was what I wanted, even though rotation was now side to side only.

I will be using the factory 14x6 rims. I don’t want anything that will rub. I’m just wondering what’s the widest tire I can run on the rear that will fit that 6 inch rim?

I know the 205/70-14 is probably the closest match. Will the 225/60-14 work on the standard 14x6 rim without any issues? I see it’s 9.8% wider but still that’s only 0.79 inches.

205/70-14 225/60-14 Difference
Diameter inches (mm) 25.3 (642.6) 24.63 (625.6) -0.67 (-17) -2.6%
Width inches (mm) 8.07 (205) 8.86 (225) 0.79 (20) 9.8%
Circum. inches (mm) 79.48 (2018.79) 77.38 (1965.38) -2.1 (-53.41) -2.6%
Sidewall Height inches (mm) 5.65 (143.5) 5.31 (135) -0.33 (-8.5) -5.9%
Revolutions per mile (km) 797.18 (495.35) 818.85 (508.81) 21.66 (13.46) 2.7%

215/70/14 is the closest match to an original F70/14 Polyglas tire.

(I’m using published specs for Radial T/As for comparison purposes.)

F70/14 = 26.45" diameter / 8.75" section width / 6.55" tread width.

215/70/14 = 25.90" diameter / 8.70" section width / 6.60" tread width.

205/70/14 = 25.40" diameter / 8.20" section width / 6.20" tread width.

In sum, the 215/70 is 1/2" shorter, but almost identical in overall width and tread width. The 205/70 is over a full inch shorter than OEM, and approximately 1/2" narrower. (A 225/60/14, FWIW, is only about 1/4" wider overall than the original equipment tire, but almost a full 2" shorter in diameter.) For a tire with the same overall diameter as OEM, but a bit more width, go to a 225/70/14.

Jay, thanks for that information. I think I like the sounds of the 225/70R14 to get a little wider. I think the factory size looks a tad skinny for a muscle car. I know that’s not much wider but I want as wide as I can get with the factory rims.

I think its the best choice, given the limitation of the wheel size and tire availability. Something like a 235/65/14 would be great, but nobody makes it. 245/60/14 are readily available, but are really too wide for a 6" rim, plus they’re about an inch shorter than OEM.

Post some pics once you have the 225/70s on the car. I suspect they’ll look great.

I’ll be glad to!!!

Well I said I’d come back and post a picture after I put the new tires on the Eliminator. I went with 225/70R14 BF Goodrich Radial T/A’s on original Cougar Styled Steel 14x6 rims. The accent rings are original. Trim rings, center caps and lug nuts are all brand new. With the BIG tires off the back of the car, it’s now back to that “low in the rear” factory look. I’m very happy with the way these tires look.

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Looks fantastic Scott!

  • Phillip

Thanks, Phillip.

Looks great! I went with 215-70R14 on my original styled steel wheels because I wanted a lower sidewall height. But the smaller overall diameter is noticeable compared to the original Goodyear F70-14 spare. So 225 is the best choice I think. I am having trouble with a shimmy at 50 mph. Going in tomorrow to rebalance with lug centric adapter. Hoping the wheels are not bent. Did you have any trouble balancing your original wheels?

Craig, I just noticed I never replied to your question. Sorry about that. I had 1 of the 4 original rims needed a tad more weights added but it still wasn’t excessive and it rides very smooth.

Thanks Scott! Glad yours are running smoothly! I love the original look. I’m still looking for one more good SS wheel from late 1969 to replace mine with rim damage and out of round. You can see it wobble as it spins, and feel the vibration at certain speeds. Axles are true and lug-centric balance didn’t help.

BSBECK: I know this is an eon’s old post, but i’s new to me! I just bought a '70 Cougar that has 245/60’s front, 295/50’s back on 15x8s & 15x10s. It’s like driving a steam roller. I’d really like to get four 14x6’s and put 225/70 14’s on them, but before I drop the coinage would love to know if you had any issues with yours. Full radius turns? Thanks! Jon

I would recommend putting 225/15 or 235/15 on the front. The steering wheel will turn much easier. I run 235/15 on 15/7 front and 255/15 on 15/8 rear. Not as meaty as what yours has.

Appreciate that. I presume you have no fender rub with that combo? Do you think it would make a difference if those same tires were on 15x8s front and 15x10 rear? …and, are you using a 70 profile?

I should have put that my tires are all 60 series, remember a 70 series will be taller for the same width. With the tire/wheel combo I am using I have no tire/fender issues front or rear. I don’t know what you might face putting smaller tires on your wheels. But if you have no problems with tire/fender clearance in the rear, then I would only replace the front. Talk with your tire retailer about fitting smaller tires on your current wheels. If needed just replace the front set of wheels.

Thanks again. My front tires are horrible, limited turning outside and inside; the back are OK as long as I don’t lose the lift in the air shocks. I’d prefer ones that fit inside the well so I don’t have to worry about the lift.