69 Front Buckets

I have new foam and covers on the front buckets of our 69. Now I feel like a giant sitting in the seat because I sit so much higher with the new foam. I wish the seat would go back further. I am 6’2” and I would love it if the seat track would go back an extra inch or two. Is there a way or does anyone know if this can be done?

Sure it can be done. Several of the Mustang vendors sell seat track extenders which simply bolt to the bottom of your existing seat tracks. It will relocate the seat 2" further back which is a godsend to those of us who are over 6’.

I’m on the tall side as well. Adding a factory tilt column helps if you can find one. Two of mine cars with them originally, and the last one is getting one added thanks to a parts car and Tony Augustine (he rebuilds them).

Was discussed here a while back. Big fan of them

I will definitely be looking into them. Will only need to put them on the drivers side. Have watched YouTube videos on it too and looks easy peasy.

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