70 XR7

Been away for awhile, but been busy and things are coming along pretty good. Got my car from Upland CA, and started stripping it for a restomod, looked for a rotisserie, but shipping made me make one for myself…used plans from Redwings Steelworks.
Got it down to a shell today, will do some welding on the frame in the rear for frame inserts, then put it on rotisserie after that. I have the R&C Motorsport Mustang II front X-member in, then installing the Chris Alston G-Bar system in the back, both are coil overs. Also will weld in Maier Racing frame ties. Will put up picture as soon as I remember how…lol

Some of these progress pictures are out of sequence…but for the most part I have some welding, for rear suspension and frame, then sandblast and hope I remember how everything goes back…LOL

i have that same front end going on my car here in a few weeks when i can get to the shop and do it!

I think the R&C Motorsport kit is great, instructions are good and come with a dvd…steering column mod looks challenging though , lol

Today I got the vinyl roof off, all the window goo off…that stuff sux. And all the rest of the little things off the car, including headliner. Looks like roof was just starting to spot rust under the vinyl…think I caught it early…wheeew…

you doing the rear suspension also? just kidding i just reread your first post again.

Today I started to mock up and install the Chris Alston G-Bar 4 Link cradle. It fits a Mustang easy enough, but on the Cougar you need cut a tunnel for it reach all the way up to body. The supply you with a sheet metal to weld in and create a tunnel. I cut the hole, and fit the upper cradle into place…just need to weld in the tunnel. Am I really capable of all this? Not really, but so far so good…lol

Today I hooked up the rotisserie completely, and got it off the jack stands. I installed the balancers and took the rest of the day trying to balance the car, so I can rotate it easily. IDK what I’m doing wrong, or if there is a trick to balancing it. Does car stay level? Lower in front or rear? I took it as high as I can, with reference to the pivot tube…pivot point. But no luck…can’t get it to balance…not sure who to ask for help…

Well, I cannot get this rotisserie to balance the Cougar, I tried everything including cutting parts of the hangar gussets for a couple more inches. Maybe I gotta redo the body mounts…just can’t get it high enough…not sure.
Not like anyone here is interested anyway…I think the previous forum was more friendly, or easier to strike up a conversation.

I don’t know if this is anything that can help you, but it might be worth a look.


I’m interested, but I have no experience or wisdom to offer, sorry.

I think the Project section of this forum just sees less traffic, so not as many folks offering up comments or input.
Great pictures, by the way. I bet with all new / modern suspension components your Cat is gonna drive like a dream.

Hang in there Hawaiian Merc!

Well, after a lot of hemming and hawing, cutting and welding, I was able to turn the arms upright with new brackets that mount to the bumper holes in rear…finally got the car to balance and it turns over by hand…wheeww. Held me up for awhile as this is my first time with a rotisserie.


you might want to take the primer off the area where the upper A arms sits, i was told to not paint/coat that area as the a arm is knurled to bite into the metal there, other than that great install, mine is going in next week.

Yes, copy all on the primer, but I needed something light to prevent the surface rust from starting while I get caught up. Hopefully goes for sandblasting soon.

I finally got all welding done, front x-member, panels that fill in for shock towers, and tunnel added in rear for Chris Alston G bar cradle.
It looks ugly but I had sprayed some rust stopper on all welds and steel…will look better after sandblasting and body working welds and panels.

Looks good, keep us updated on the progress. Be careful mounting the rotisserie to the rear bumper bolt area. Not met to hold a lot of weight there. You are Ok with just the bare shell, but once you start reassembling (adding weight) you will want to grab the frame rail. I’ve grab it in the same location to make it easy for paint work.