73 Cougar: 351C swapped to 460

Heyya fellas!

I am working on a 73 xr7 cougar convertible. It was born with a Cleveland but such is redneckery “no replacement for displacement” and sliming the heard, I’ve decided to pull a 460 out of a too far gone 74 Mark 4 Lincoln to put in the much smaller Cougar! The motor is shedding nearly 1300lbs going from one chassis to the other. She’ll be a torque monster.
I know that the 71 had a 429 option…and later on in the 70’s they came with 460’s as well.
I need a few pieces for a proper fit…like the exhaust headers from the Lincoln are too cumbersome and the oil pan is too large as well and is hanging up on a crossmember. The shop said the sump has to be swapped with the different pan shape.
So that’s kinda where I’m at right now, looking for direction on headers, oil pan and sump…more solutions to look forward to in the future, I’m sure.

Thanks for any help, insight or leads!!!

Everything under the hood of the 73 XR7 is tight :rofl: Yes when you change the pan the pump also needs changing, someone might chime in with a part # / suggestion.

Hopefully someone will also chime in on your header/ exhaust question, get ready for the snowball effect on an engine swap :rofl: I’m not familiar with your swap, but trans, driveshaft may also be issue.

How about some pic’s of your phatcat when you get a chance

Well CatsRock is correct- the transmission from the Lincoln will be needed because the one in the car won’t work. You will need every accessory and bracket from the Lincoln because none of yours will fit. A set of Motor mounts for a 1971 429 will be needed. Headers for the 1971 Cougar will be needed. It’s going to be a very expensive swap.

A new radiator and fan shroud will be needed - that ought to be a mind blowing expense.

A friend of mine has a 70 Cougar with a 429/4-speed swap. Previous owner did the conversion and it looks like a factory install.

71s had a 429CJ option. The motor mount insulators are available in reproduction. The frame bracket on the 73 convertibles has the same basic layout as the 71 429 mount, so that can be used as well. IIRC, there may be a slight modification to get them to seat properly. The kicker will be the block to insulator brackets, which you’ll need to source used.

The Lincoln pan might work with the Cougar chassis once you get the engine in the correct spot. The 429CJ used a pan with a baffle, the Lincoln pan won’t have that. Fairly certain the depths are slightly different as the CJ uses a different pump/pickup, just not sure if the length of the sump is different.

If the Lincoln manifolds still don’t work, then the Hooker SuperComp 6115 should work, they’re designed for the 71-73 chassis and standard port 429/460 heads. Hedman also makes a set, their pt# is 85200.

The Lincoln transmission is likely the long tail style with the side saddle mount, which you’ll have to swap the extension housing and output shaft to fit the Cougar chassis without making a custom crossmember.

Here’s a website with lots of 429 71-73 specific info


Can’t be that tight…it’s the biggest chassis they’ve had. A guy out by Kelowna BC had a 73 Mach 1 with a 460 swap. I did some digging and found part numbers for headers that should work…? 429CJ and 460 block should be Samezies

I enjoy recklessly spending my cash :wink:

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Jack Hibbard’s old car?
I talked to the guy who did the conversion, a 460 went into that car. Jack was adamant about using the 429CJ air cleaner sticker though.

Yes, Jack’s car. Ted Taylor owns it now. He drives it regularly. Fixed the cooling issues.