Addco rear sway bar

Anybody using the Addco 432 rear sway bar in the STOCK location. Looking at it, it looks the most similar to the stock bar.

I have on on my 1969 with a 1 1/8" Addco front bar. Works fine. Chuck

c9zx,stock shock plates and stock sway bar plates? Would you mine posting some pics? Thank-you

The problem I see is that the Addco bars are a few inches narrower than factory bars. Not sure what sort of end link arrangement could be fabricated to connect to original mounting plates.

Just a side note: I used the ADDCO #995 3/4" rear sway bar. It does not use the stock location. It runs right through the both dual exhaust pipes. Not good. I ended up dropping the mufflers and rear pipes. These are sold by Summit as SDK-C7ZZ-5486 and Scott Drake C7ZZ-5486 for 67-70 3/4 Sway Bar.

Here is a picture I took back in the 80’s after my Addco bar had about 5 years of use. 7/8 bar- rear replacement.
Just barely cleared the wide drums I was using at the time.

This maybe off topic but is there any good rear sway bar set ups for none factory 68 ? I remember reading the mustang ones were not quite right . (Geometry) is wrong . Sorry agin if this is wrong place.

Anybody got a rear sway bar they can measure and post. Center to center of eyelet/end link hole. Thanks

I just had my hands on one a few hours ago in my storage garage …I can put my hands on it tomorrow if needed

The one I have is for a 70 Cougar, 49in C/C and the end links are 9 1/2in. long end to end.

The addco bar is 47 1/2" ctr to ctr of bolt eyelet. I do have the correct cougar specific NOS end links I got from John’s years ago. The metal tube middle section of the end link is 7" and total length of the bolt is 12 1/8". Have to wait and see if my wheels will interfere. Thanks for measuring.

WCCC shows an original bolt length of 11 1/2 " and the metal tube center section is 7". I guess my nos end links are service replacements hence the length difference?