Aftermarket gauges in 1969 XR7 cat??

Been trying to see if anyone has done a cluster with autometer gauges… with or without stock dash housing.

Yes Autometer does make gauges that work, and you can customize them to your wildest or mildest flavor.

I might be able to make a template for this application to get you started. the factory dash backs are very brittle, and no repros. are made that we know of.

Here are a couple of examples
70 with autometer dash.jpg

Here’s some i fooled around with - not autometer gauges

These are nice

Mike, 1970FastCat built his own custom cluster using aftermarket gauges on his '70.

Leon - none of those tachs go past 8000. Whassup with that?

302W will only pull 7500 and the Lexus V8 was too wide to fit between the shock towers. If i could afford it I’d try and fit an Audi twin turbo V8 , which will pull 9500 with ease