American Muscle Car: Mercury Cougar (Full TV Episode)

You’re welcome! (To go fullscreen, it looks like you’ll have to view it directly on youtube)

Scott Ferguson gets the credit for mailing us this 2005 DVD copy. I had never seen it! My only pet peeve (and I realize this my issue) is that when you get a chance to have your 67-68 on national TV, a calender or other high profile exposure, do something with your grille! If you do not have our elongated bolts or premium rubber bumpers, find a paper coffee cup, wad it up and smash down your eyelids to the proper level; Or… reach in your pocket and find some pennies and shim your eyelid stops. Am I the only guy who gives a rip? Probably… End of rant, I promise!

Awesome video.

Don, this bugs me too. I’ve already done it and it makes a huge difference.

Just looked up at the upper RH corner and noticed how bad Bill’s car is, He, He, He… Hope he does not see this post!

Hey Don…while you’re on the subject of grilles…got any kind of repair tips/products for the mounting ears where the grille bolts to the nosepiece?? One of mine is broken off. Seems to hold fine with one, but would certainly like to fix if possible.


If you watch this commercial Mercury made for the Cougar back in 1968, it opens with a close-up of a droopy eyelid on an XR7. Based on this couldn’t it be argued that eyelids should be droopy to be considered concours correct? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There is also a lot of pressure on the eyelids when a Cougars motor is running. In a commercial, it is very possible that they look worse when it is an action shot…so adjusting when off is only half the battle!

Thanks Andrew that’s a great video. I have that and a few other AMC’s saved on our TV. Have not watched it in a while so it’s always good to see.

I have this on DVD and many times when the wife isn’t home, It is the thing I love to watch. As for the droopy lids, Im with you on that one Don, I can’t stand it. Others that don’t know what these cars are, I would imagine, would think, what’s up with that? The Red 67 standard used in this clip needs help in this area and unfortunately is the one that gets the close up. When mine is finished, you won’t see droopy lids on my baby!

Thanks for posting this! For those who believe in avoiding New England cars, allow me to point out that three of the Cougars in this episode reside in New England. Dave Wywras and his Competition Blue Boss Eliminator reside in New Hampshire, while Craig Keith, with his Black Cherry Hertz XR-7G, and (now) Chris Gauch, with his 69 R-code convertible, live in Massachusetts. Dave and Craig are members of the Cougar Club of New England and we’re working on Chris!

I thought I saw a Maryland plate in there, no? I’ll check when I watch it again. And again. Lol. Great video.

Craig Keith’s car is the cleanest of clean! Because I bought it out of Fresno CA… LOL!

And we know CatVert was a West Coast car before you sold it to me. Further evidence that there are extraordinary Cougars even in the Rust Belt! They just happen to be transplants, is all…

What a great video. Never saw it before.

And I bought my Eliminator out of Turlock, CA, and prior to that it had been in Florida and Texas. But I do believe that Chris Gauch’s car was a life long NJ car prior to its move to Mass.

You did see a MD plate, that is Wayne Wachter’s G.

Yeah Wayne!

Representing the Delmarva Cougar Club!!

Oh man, so cool to have faces to put with all the famous (infamous?) Cougar names!

Excellent video, thanks for posting it.

Hey…Who’s that guy sitting shotgun in the intro shot? (me, jb!) The car wasn’t mine yet. Notice the way the passenger side horizontal grill piece closest to the center looks funny in the shots of the dark blue gte? It was on upside down as well as the small one on the outside passenger side.
That was a fun time, for sure. Got to meet Royce and bought him lunch for helping with the inspection of the car. Met Chris with the 428 vert, Dave with the boss 302, Chris with his perfect black cherry G car, Frank Bowers, formal eliminator registrar and his 428 elim that he bought new, Vic with his trans am replica(met him once before here in Denver). The facilities at Year one…a great time.