Another WCCC Give Away Car / Need suggestions!

We have a very rare, special order 67 Standard 4spd GT body that is mostly solid and we want to do another give away contest. Instead of the forum vote we did last time, do you guys have another suggestion that would flow well? Our goal is to get the car into someones hands that will actually fix it. I was thinking of selecting a group of judges to review essay’s and if there was not a clear winner then we draw from the hat. I do not want to do a mass drawing, how do we know a random person will actually follow through and do anything with the car?

I thought the forum vote went fairly well, it just needs a bit of tweaking. I think people should have been registered users for at least a couple months to be allowed to vote. As far as someone actually fixing the car, dunno. I’m sure everyone would have good intentions, but actually following through is another matter.

An essay is a good idea: it would allow the person to lay out their plan for the car’s completion, what their capabilities are with respect to garage space, availability of a suitable parts car, etc., etc.

Brainstorming here:
Since we all know that the key to the hobby’s future is the younger generation, maybe consider somehow gearing it towards a more youthful enthusiast, HS or vo-tech shop project maybe even.
Maybe somehow tie it in with one of the more worthy veteran’s programs? Someting like:
Get 2 donor cats & submit them to Car Warriors - nice publicity perhaps

The Eliminator rescue was a success, even if they backed out of the project now there is no way it would be scrapped as all the (hard) body work has been done. You are correct, all we as the Cougar community can do is try to place it in the most competent hands we can. Others would disagree about the fairness of the last contest but you may be correct, a little tweaking might be all it needs. We will not make them be seasoned members as one of the main goals is to introduce people to the forums and encourage them to join. Thanks for the input!

They shouldn’t have to be long-time posters to enter to win. But they should have to be around for at least a while to vote for the winner. Otherwise it becomes nothing more than which applicant can use social networking sites to bring in the most people to vote for them.

Now that I think about it, scratch that. Ignore what I just said. I’m more or less positive I could get myself 200+ votes within a day or two from outside folks via a message forum I’ve been on for years. Hmmm…

So what are the color codes and options for my new Cougar?!?

That is why I wonder if turning it over to 3 judges (like maybe Brian Aust and 2 other 67 GT owners) crossed my mind. Will post Marti and pics when you guys tell me what the rules should look like. It is in far better shape then the Eliminator.

The rules are, it should be given to a guy in the Chicago area who is under age 40 and is named Scott. Other than that, pretty much anything is just trivial details. But that right there is what should be the determining factor.

Seriously though, I wholeheartedly agree with having judges, folks from this forum hopefully, who know what’s involved in restoring a classic Cougar. I would submit also that there might be an initial round where any person who wants to be in the running nominates himself on a thread here (no nominating other people, if you are the guy to restore the car you should be able to say that yourself) and then the judges might narrow it down to a round of finalists… and then the judges would ask questions and the finalists would have to answer them. “How many hours have you spent doing electrical work” or “do you have a garage to store the car and work on it” or “will your wife object?” or any number of other questions that I personally have great slam-dunk answers for.

I’d actually like to be in the running for this car! I’ve got a '67 XR-7 GT and a '68 XR-7 GT, but they are both automatics. It would be nice to have a 4-speed car. And I promise not to cut the roof off!

I think the judges should be Chris Gauch (he has a very nice manual trans '67 that he got from a very helpful seller), Al Bundy (he has a GT-E so he doesn’t need this one and he knows some good Cougar people in the Northeast, some of whom have given him good deals recently), and Brian (who won’t let his West Coast orientation make him forget some of the great cars he’s seen at Carlisle and so would keep us East Coasters in the game).

So when do we start?

What is expected when it comes to restoring the car, in regards to how accurate it is to the Marti report?
This is new about the Eliminator winner backing out, what is up with that? is the car up for sale?

He said “even if they backed out”, which I took to mean that they haven’t but if they did it still would be saved from the crusher since the body work was done

I see that now. It was a little late when I saw that with my eye’s half open. :bloated:

I agree with Chris on this - a school or Vo-tech shop would benifit from this type of contest more than one indivdual person. (plus the chance of infection is greater with more people exposed)
I can come up with 2 -3 high schools and one community college with Auto shops that would love to have a killer project like this.
Video submissions should be allowed as well - they can get entertaining!

I am trying to figure out an angle where this will benefit not just a single winner, but the larger Cougar community. Stay with me here for a minute. I am just brainstorming.

What if you had to donate $1 to vote, and the money went to sponsor a national Cougar event in say Breckenridge Colorado about the first of August? and the voting continues until we have raised $5K?

What if you could read the essays and then pick which team you wanted to be on, and if your team won every team member would get a 5% discount on parts for 3 months?

What if Don put together a list of parts the car needed and each $1 vote went 75% towards the parts stash and 25% to charity?

What if we just straight up donated all of the money (minimum $1 a vote) to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts?

hold the title for 1 yr
no progress on the car and it goes back to wccc
or take a vote on your web site for people like myself who would make it awesome again

Bill, I like the donate to vote idea but that just shifts the likelihood of winning toward whoever has the largest network of friends willing to cough up $1, or the guy willing to pay the money for people in his network to vote for him. Then again, the reality of it is that in order to restore a car like this is gonna take a good chunk of change anyway so maybe it’s best that the winner is a rich guy anyway. :-/

Art, the problem with holding the title and demanding progress before its release is that as soon as the winner has done a single thing to the car it gets complicated. Let’s say I’m a slacker and I win, and within that first year I replace the distributor and a couple hoses and the brake pads and that’s it. You can’t really take the car back since I’ve put money into it. But that little amount of work done really shows that the car isn’t being restored so much. It only works if the winner doesn’t do one single thing, and how easy is it to do one single thing?

I like most of what I hear! WCCC has no time to administer all this so I propose we just hand the car over to a panel on this site and they determine its fate. In the mean time, we are going to throw some parts at it that are missing like the SS wheels. Our goals include saving it from the crusher and getting some exposure, no expectations beyond that. We will provide the exposure by doing a Youtube video that points to this site.

Bet you felt that voodoo needle in the back when I mentioned the 3 month 5% discount for the winning team.

I love giving away discounts on the stuff you sell. LOL! Maybe check with you first?

I can administrate the voting and set that up with no problems but other than that I will need some help to do much else.

That would be less expensive than paying for half the body work. The good thing about us paying for body work is it sticks with the car, parts are very transferable. Maybe we do both? 5% seems paltry, how about one time shopping spree of at least 10% off and of course there would be no shipping as it all fits in the car for transport.

Hrm… some thoughts just popped into my head regarding the Judges. How about a “Cougar Wife” as a judge too? Or possibly last year’s winner (Ashes)?

This post is useless without pics. :pimp:

Mike did you really think one of us would let this comment pass? I was just the first to say it (bored today), but they were ALL thinkin’ it. :flash: