Any good 0-60 apps for iPhone?

I just checked the App Store for a 0-60 app, one that will use the GPS to calculate the time. Didn’t find anything good at all. Only one app that looks like it aims to do that, and it hasn’t been updated in 3 years and has bad reviews.

Anybody know of a good one? If not, I think I have a good idea for the first iPhone app I’ll write.

I use an ap just called “speedometer” that is an analog dial speedometer for when we are running our boat. I haven’t seen any good performance measuring apps though. It would be cool to have.

I use AwesomeHUD for speedo, it acts as a heads up display and projects onto your windshield. I have a tray to hold the phone on my dash in the right spot. Works great.

I think I need to write a good 0-60 app to start, which will also act as a HUD and display speed, and then get into performance logging or measuring G’s and stuff. I don’t wanna shoot for the moon though, need to start simple. I’m a programmer for about 25 years now but have never worked with the language iPhone apps are written in so there’s gonna be a learning curve for sure.

When you make it, make it a free app. :-))

Dont make it free, hell i’ll pay a few bucks for it. Just make sure you make it for android too.

I just use those radars the cops put out talong the side of the road to let you know how fast your going, get a buddy and time it.

Just found out about an app that should do the trick, it was mentioned as one of the 5 “must have” iPhone apps for gear heads on the BBC show 5th Gear.

Called “Dynolicious”. Does more than just 0-60, it also does 1/4 mile time and speed and even tells you your crank and wheel horsepower. Apparently it can do okay (according to some folks) at calculating horsepower as long as you enter your vehicle data correctly, especially weight. And according to the folks that make the app, most issues with bad data are because people haven’t properly mounted their phone parallel with the direction of travel and physically locked down so it can’t jostle around at all. It uses the phone’s accelerometers, not GPS, so it’s critical that it be properly aligned and restrained.

The bad news is the cost. $12.99. Anybody feel like buying it and testing it and saving me $13 if it’s no good? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably buy it and try it out this weekend. I’m already wanting to look up how the highway weigh stations around here work, if they’re only for trucks who are required to use them or if any random jerk like me can go pull in and find out what my car weighs.

Find a truck stop with a scale.
Or a place that sells bulk lanscape supplies, they may have a scale.

Ulysses on my droid. if they have it for i phone, that is the one that works.

I put in a weight of 3300 lbs just to ballpark it. Had a chance to do 0-60+ from a stop light a few days ago (50 mph speed limit and it was 2am so no traffic). I got up past 50 mph on my speedo which means 60+, since my speedo is 20% low. According to the app I only made it to a peak speed of 45, and my max horsepower was around 60. Hmmm. Took 10 seconds too, which is one or two more than I would have expected.

Apparently either I didn’t have the phone mounted solidly enough, it wasn’t calibrated right, or the app is on crack. I hope I get another chance this season to see which it is.


That’s what I said a few posts back. And then I described how the numbers I got out of it so far were nonsense.

Have you gotten it to produce and record results that are reasonable? How do you have the iPhone/iPod mounted?


Dynolicious works great! But like tmh reported, entering the correct vehicle weight and mounting your phone is critical for this app to work at it’s best.

So you have gotten good data out of it? I still haven’t gotten around to coming up with a system for mounting the phone where it cannot move at all. Come springtime I’ll get it straightened out I’m guessing.