Anyone running 194 LED bulbs in their dash cluster?

By choice. The diffusers did happen to fit with the LED type I chose, but they also cut down the total light. My observation was that the additional light with LED’s using the diffusers was cut down to the point that using LED’s didn’t add that much over the incandescent. I found the color to be pretty whitish with the yellowish incandescent and blue diffuser (but guess blue and yellow do make green). I’ll post up a picture this evening of “the look”. My thoughts were that the white backlighting was more like modern cars and the instrument visibility/readability was much better. FWIW, the instrument cluster backlighting color is not that much different than my XR7 clock (which still has incandescent and I think diffusers), just brighter. Maybe a little whiter, but close to original looking in color shade of light, at least to me.

The site you recommended is actually cheaper than getting them out of China

Really, Leon? I thought I saw stuff like $2.49 for a pair with free shipping?

UK: $2.49 with free shipping

China: $2.78 shipped for two

Maybe different feebay auction/pricing situation for Oz?

Stick with ECI Bob, he’s a shopper! :buck:

Crap - must have screwed up my search criteria. I can get them cheaper from HK

These look interesting - although the manufacturing looks poor. Puts the LEDs higher in the housing

Either it puts them higher in the housings, or they are coming apart already!

Those are the ones that do not cause Canbus to pull light out errors, probably an internal load resistor added to draw the correct amount of current. And (guessing here), the reason they have the opening is to allow the resistor to be better cooled by the air. I didn’t like the look of those either and they will sit further into whatever they are going into.

Tried out (and then installed) my ballast resistor for the dash lights today, PERFECT! Dimming is just as original, only now with bright dash lights. It’s the yellow anodized aluminum thing mounted on the lower dash brace.

Shot of the dash lights as requested by Al. Hard to judge the improvement, you really have to see them. This was the best shot I could muster after fiddling with the camera settings and shooting a bunch of shots. AF gauge lit up and displaying too.

While I am at it, here’s a a shot of my AF gauge installed in a small pod mounted on the column. I have a two gauge pod to go in place of the console ash tray on the way, for the AF gauge (I would move it) and a vacuum gauge, but will I want to keep these gauges installed forever more or just until I have the engine tune dialed in? Not sure yet but giving myself options for neatly installing them. Not sure I really like the pod and if it will bother/distract me while driving.

What about running these?

Can’t speak for those, but if you like 'em they’re good I figger, YMMV.

Tried them and they didn’t produce enough light - even with the blue thingies removed

Thanks Leon, good to know.

Is that the technical term? :poke:

It must be the technical term, “blue thingies” They are situated just to the right of the dohimagrab but under the dojacktopiveeus! :buck:

I saw a set of LED’s in a convertible while at Carlisle. The owner used the blue LED’s from Super Bright. Very cool!

Has anyone found something that looks more stock? Super Bright said I should use the blue ones and not use stock blue bulb covers. Like I said they look very cool but it isn’t the stock look.

Has anyone used the green ones?


I just came across this thread. If a slight change in color is needed for the cluster how about painting the inside of the dash housing with a very slight mix of the color of choice.

for examble: a real light blue or green maybe red for pink.
the inside and the back side of the camera case is painted white. mine is old with alot of pittina. (cigarette yellow-white). i will need to paint both of them.
I do not know if the leds are bright enough because I have not seen or tried them. so far it seems like there could be enough for the job.
I do know that vender displays often do this to enhance the display lighting.

I might get to play with that over the winter. when I am stuck inside my cave.
Those of you that have had your dash cluster apart, did you notice how flate black was put in stratigic spots for light balance?
even the shrouding of the gauges was used for light balance.

Bob. I noticed in your picture that there seemed to be areas of shadowing. Might be just how the camera captured it.
did the new lights do that or was it the camera.


Have you seen these? Claim to be factory color.

Now those look good!


The camera shot is really nothing like how they look in real life. There is some gradient in brightness of light in some spots but it is neither significant nor bothersome.

My LEDs on my 68 do the same…look like crapola in photos, but perform well in “real life”…:thumbup:

I really like the looks of that kit. I would like to see pictures of the Cougar dash, but it says coming soon. Mo do you have any night shots of your LED dash?

I’ve a few, but, like I said, they don’t do it justice…