Battery ground cable routing for 70

Is the ground cable supposed to route behind the battery? Mine connects to a holder by the voltage regulator and does it ground there or is that just a holder? Mine is bare metal there. Here’s a picture of mine and you can see the ground cable comes up and bends over sharply and the cable insulation is stripped off that area where it’s clamped down. The 2nd pic is for reference and I hope my engine bay looks that good one day.

First, you need a new negative cable. The second picture looks correct. For a factory install you will need a reproduction cable. I have never seen a payday store one with the ground lug that attaches to the voltage regulator.

Agreed, I definitely need a new one but is it supposed to be bare wire where it clamps down by the voltage regulator?

It should only connect to the battery and to the engine block. No bare spots anywhere else.

In 1970 the ground cable ran behind battery and connected to the block and there was also a ground lug made into the cable half way down that was also bolted into the inner panel BELOW the regulator.

Catlover, do you have a picture of that or know if the new repro cables have that lug on them?

This is the set I’m going to order…I don’t see a lug on it…

I don’t have a picture but those are the wrong cables, the 70s are not C8Zf they have a DOZF . the reason that the cables are made that way is to eliminate the need for a separate ground from engine to firewall. Check Kevin Marti web site.


I’m learning more every day!!! So my voltage regulator is probably wrong too, since it has that holder for the cable or is that part correct? So where does that middle lug connect?

I have not seen a regulator that comes with a cable holder, I have just grounded the lug to the side panel below the regulator in a hole provided for that.

when you get your cable, hook up the bat. end and then ground to engine at proper point and see where the middle lug will reach, if it will still reach the regulator, hook it there, if there is no hole in the side panel.

I tried posting this about an hour ago…
The lug on the cable is attached to the top screw on the voltage regulator. No special regulator for a 70. It is the same as other years, Then down to the engine block. As was stated earlier this made it so a ground strap was not needed. This arrangement was used for a m=number of years after the 1979 model year and is the same on my 71. This is the picture from above but marked up showing the location of the ground lug and the bolt location.


That’s what I was misunderstanding. I thought that piece was built onto the regulator and was just a holder for the ground cable. I got you now! Thank you to everyone for discussing with me. I’ll order the correct piece and get my old worn out one out of the way.

Correct. In fact when I had the wrong cable on my 70 I noticed slow rear tail lights during signaling. This correct cable is really needed in 70(on?) cars.

Mine blink ok with the lights are OFF, but won’t even blink when the headlights are ON.

I’ve seen the cable replaced w/ out the grounding lug. The 69 & 70 XR-7’s & Elims will have issues w/ grounding if there is no ground to block & body. The feedback will go through the gauges & they behave like “Close Encounters if the 3rd kind”…