before and after

I know it’s been done before but after seeing matts post of his 69 convertable
I would like to see more before and after pics of everyones car
cougar%20set%20004 (640x480).jpg

Stunning job!!!

cougar%20set%20002 (640x480).jpg
cougar%20set%20010 (640x480).jpg

Man for a little more money you could have gotten a red paint job…:smiley:! That red looks awesome and your custom touches are great. I like the XR7G type mirror and the clean taillights really make your car pop! Weren’t you selling your car? If so are you doing another Cougar?

tring to sell because its basicly done
and the fun part for me is to find the 1/2 dead player
and put it back together to the point were I get
“thats a damn nice car” at the stop light
would like to find a big block car or a plane jane cougar
to cut up slightly and stuff in a supercharged cobra motor






Wow! The “big” cars don’t normally catch my attention (with a few exceptions) like that one does. That is really clean.


Dates are all screwey so don’t pay any attention to those. Have a white 68 J-code I’m working on now. Will have pics up in the spring.

nice! lets see some more

It’s gonna be hard to condense 35+ years of ownership and multiple rebuilds into a condensed couple of pictures. But here goes:
And then after the first go 'round:


Then after new engine, trans, rear, wheels and pretty much everything else BUT the paint.
MD Garage resized2.jpg
Then tore it all apart again in 2001:
cougar construction 1.jpg
cougar construction 2.jpg

some more:

IMG_0394 resized.JPG

and now:

Good job guys. I like before and after pictures. It gives me the push I need to get mine done.

keep them coming.

Mark the action shot of hero is awesome!

How do you handle not having side mirrors? I like the clean look but I’ve never noticed that you side mirrors were removed.

Easy, just drive faster than everyone else! :beerchug:

Fwiw there wouldn’t be a passenger side mirror anyway, right? I find that the driver’s side mirror is too small to be of very much good anyway, and just make sure to look over my shoulder when switching lanes. That definitely is something I had to get used to though, after being spoiled by modern cars with much bigger and more useful mirrors

I would have a harder time getting used to the shaved door handles, than the mirror. Walk up and go to grab the handle that’s not there. :slight_smile:

The car originally only had a DS mirror. In the first incarnation (see pics above) we retrofitted Cylone sport mirrors to work on both sides. I was torn on whether or not to take them off this time around. But after shaving everything else including the doors, I didn’t want the big clunky mirror hanging out there in the breeze. I installed an old time “peep” mirror to the A pillar inside for a season and aimed it out the DS window. I’ve known of other guys going that route. But it didn’t really work.

Instead, I swapped the original rearview mirror for one with a panorama view that is about 30% larger than the stock Cougar one. It REALLY made a difference. The only uneasy part is merging onto the freeway without a DS mirror. A quick glance over the left shoulder does the trick. I’ve never had any close calls and I’m really glad I didn’t put the mirrors back on. It really makes you keep track of all the cars around you.

The door solenoids are a story for another day.

Here’s the first 67 I did. It looked pretty decent until you looked under the hood, trunk and floor. Oh yeah and tapped around the rear quarters and bottoms of the doors.

During the resto

Near ready for paint

When Complete