Best carburetor

I wanted to get some opinions on any preferences on carburetors for the 69 390. the car has the C-6 tranny. Not looking for spectacular performance yet, just something to get it going and enjoy it for a little while before I really start tearing into it.

The original carb is GOA, and the Holley on it at the moment is a mess. Most likely I will send this one out for a rebuild.

Opinions welcome.

That was not the original carb for a 69 390, which would be a Autolite 4300. I don’t think I would spend any money on rebuilding this carb. If you want to just have something to drive around get a new Holley 600 cfm with manual choke. I’ve seen them at Advanced AutoParts for around $300. Then take your time and look for the correct carb and have it rebuilt.

Thanks for the response ClawIt. Yeah I am aware its not the original carb, this car is a victim of the late 80’s when everybody was slapping Edelbrock manifolds with Holley carbs on Mustangs and Cougars. I actually have the original intake but did not get the carb with the car. Im still working on getting the original located.

Anyone have any opinions on this model of Holley carb? Yes or no on the double pumper?

Again the debate starts.

I have been very happy with my Edelbrock 650 CFM electric choke carb on my 351W. Yeah I had to fabricate up a fuel supply line and brackets for the throttle cable, but it idled fine right out of the box and the car starts almost immediately after sitting for a while or on a cold morning.

I would stick with a vacuum secondary carb personally on a street car. To me it looks like your current carb does not have a kickdown lever for the rod to the transmission. If you are replacing the carb I would buy one with this feature or change the primary throttle shaft to the ford style with a kickdown lever if you rebuild your current carb.

I also recommend you just replace it with another Holley. The basic models (either 600 or 650 CFM) with electric choke and vacuum secondaries work really well right out of the box. For the money they’re hard to beat.

This is a refurbished carb. by Holley, and I have uses several and they work flawlessly.
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This is a refurbished carb. by Holley, and I have uses several and they work flawlessly.

Another option. Buy a rebuilt Autolite 4100. EBay is loaded with them. Get the 1.12" Venturi version which is about 600 CFM. Ample for a stock 390, and these Autolites have superb street manners and throttle response. I love them!

The Ford Carbs are a great carb. They hold their tune once you set them, have excellent street manners, and perform well. Another plus is annular discharge boosters.

Bingo - the annular boosters are the reason why they run so well!

I am a Holley fan and (now) an annular booster fan. Quick Fuel Technology (Holley design) carbs are available with annular boosters for superb throttle response. They also have a number of other design improvements. Love my SS-750-AN on the 408C.

I’ve used Quick Fuel carbs with great results and their quality control and product seem to be consistently good. If I didn’t get the carb that’s on mine for $75 off of a friend who tried to overcarb his 304 in his Jeep, I would have went either Quick Fuel or Eddy. Each has their own great merits.

I used Autolite and Holley’s for years, then went to Edelbrock, then back to Holley. Each had pluses and minuses…
The Mustang guys turned me on to the Summit M2008 series carbs - best features of Autolite and Holley in one carb.

Funny you mentioned the Summit 2008 carb because that is the carb I got with 2 hrs time on for $75 from my bud. So far I have yet to find fault with it. I did go with a lighter secondary spring by one step, but aside from that it is dead on. I think the only thing for me is that being dual feed it takes up a lot of room on my little 289. Other than that it runs great, starts great cold, and performs great.

If Wyatt had’t given me such a sweet deal, I probably would have passed what has turned out to be a very good carb. Annular boosters, check. Clear float sight glasses, check. Ford kickdown, check. And the price is terrific for what you get.