Biggest tire for 67' - Front and Rear

I know that 225/60/15 will work on the front with no issues what so ever. Will a 235/60/15 work as it is roughly 1/4" wider. Ball joint and fender issues with this size? The rear appears that a 245 or possibly a 255 would work. Any insight from people who have tried some bigger meats is appreciated.

It depends on your wheel offset.


I ran 235/60r15 Goodyear Eagle GTs in back for a long time, but going over bumps the sidewalls got cut to ribbons on the outside, running into the fender. If I’d had different backspacing, perhaps I would’ve been in better shape; frankly I don’t know what the backspacing was on my wheels - they were “Hurricanes” and they came with the car.

Here’s what a 275 looks like out rear. Back spacing, suspension setup and adjustment are critical.