Magnum 500 with Nitto NT555 G2 275/50/17 Rears

Test fitting my more aggressive wheels. Rims are Legendary Stealth Black 17" x 8" with 4.75" backspace. Tires are new-used. Online calculators claim these would be 27.8" diameter but they measure 27" actually. 9.5" contact patch with a maximum width of 10.75"

I have 1.5" space between the leaf spring and tire on both sides.

1.25" space from the inner wheel well to the tire on the Driver’s side but only 1" on the passenger side. Guessing that’s within tolerance?

I dig it. Any ride height modifications?

I definitely want to run a bigger tire on mine.I played it safe with a 245 since I didn’t know what my ride height was going to be without the car assembled.

Those 275 look close, you may want to make sure you have a full tank of fuel and simulate any passenger or cargo weight to ensure your not going to rub anywhere. The front turn ok? The 275 is a big tire for the front.

Thanks! I have stock leafs that do get weighted down with a full tank of gas (need to document how full currently) and passengers. Slightly lowered due to 2 degree shims for pinion angle.

I’ll be changing to composite leafs with a stiffer spring rate over the winter. Going to place the order this week.

Running a staggered setup. Fronts will be 15 x 7 rims with a 225 or skinner even. My 225 70 14s rub occasionally. :unamused:

1 inch if room left……hmmm….me thinks that’s enough to fit a 295? Worth trying !!!

It would probably work. All the common 295 sizes would bring the diameter down to 26". I’d have to jump up to a 305/45R17 to keep the diameter in the 27" to 28" range. But my rims are 8" wide and the 305’s have a 9" minimum. I bought these Nitto tires used so no regrets.