I have a 68. While I like the legendary wheels and the idea of a wheel made to fit our cars, I really want the AR VN420 200s wheels. Always wanted them despite the $375/wheel tag

Off topic and embarrassing but can anyone direct me on how to post pics in these comments. Been meaning to show my new cougar here!

Give this a try


Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you should purchase the Legendary wheels, but take a look at the offsets they come in and the various pics showing fitment. That should apply to any other manufacturer wheel in the same width/offset.

Oooh that makes sense about the legendarys. Thank you!

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I’m running 17x7 4” backspace fronts with a 225/45 and 17x8 4.5” backspace with a 245/45 rears. Ride height has been altered in the front with a Shelby drop and 1” lower spring, rear has a 1” lowering block for an overall 2” rose height difference front to rear.

I do plan to lower the car further and run wider tires in the rear eventually.

This is close to how it sits now with the wheel and fire combo

I had those rims on my first Cougar in the 80’s. I couldn’t justify the cost this time around and ended up with Magnum 500’s instead.

I have a 69 also. Can you tell me the tire size?

I started with 245/45-17 on all four 17x8” wheels. I now have 17x9.5” rear wheels with 275/40-17 tires on the back. No clearance issues at all with these wheels.

Back spacing of 4 1/2 on the 17x8. What is the back spacing on the 9.5?

Thanks, Luke

ET 8mm

Front = 17x8” 4.5” backspacing with -1.5mm offset. What is the info on your 17 x 9.5? Not sure what ET 8mm means? Thanks.

I think I figured it out. -8 mm correct? Just to confirm does your rear tire sit below the fender lip not inside the fender? The reason I ask is my 15x8 with 4 1/2 backspace and a 245/60/15 the drivers side fender maybe only has 1" of clearance when sitting level with a 1" drop in the front.

275/40 fits fully in the wheel well. I’m certain a 295 would fit as well but the tires I use aren’t offered in that size.

Please confirm below. I only get one shot at this.

Fronts = 245/45-17 on rim size of 17x8” with a 4.5 backspace and - 1.5 mm offset
Back = 275/40-17 on rim size of 17x9.5” with a ?? backspace and - 8mm offset (ET 8mm)

Thanks, Luke

If you’re at this point you should have your own research completed. You’ve done that, right? Plus you can always return the wheels as long as you haven’t mounted the tires.

The rear wheel specs for my 1969 Cougar are:
17 x 9.5

Sorry about the angle. I grabbed a quick side view while being in the trash can. Just wanted to show you that the rear wheel and tire tucked up nicely in to the wheel well. No rubbing and no lip rolling required.

Here’s my 68 with 17’s but a 4.75" back space. I went with a taller 50 series tire however. I have seen evidence of a slight rub after driving around this season. Will update my post eventual.

Perfect. Thank You. Looks great!!