By Popular Demand: Show us your Cougar!

While we were kicking around the Ride of the Month, Jean came up with a great idea:

Instead of a vote for the favorite, why not just vote for who wil HAVE to post a story and a few pics of his cougar?

This way, no possibility of politics and such, and we get a chance to get all the stories. Hero can get the first ride of the month, cause his write-up is already done (and very well done so too), and the car is absolutely deserving.

T3 is also a fine example. We all have or had a cougar.

In other words, we vote on who HAS to introduce his cougar.


So let’s do it. Here is how it will work.

  1. If you want to see and hear more about a car, all you need to do is post the user name and a little description of the car you want to learn more about.

  2. Two more members must second the request.

  3. A Private Message will go to the member begging them to spill it all in a new thread devoted to their car.

So I am going to go first!

Jean, Show us your car! Jean has an Aqua over Aqua '68 XR7 J code. And here is something that you guys might not know, Jean drove the car 4200KM’s home after making the purchase. Lets hear that story!

Hoisted on my own pétard eh? well, I’ll wait for a PM.

and… watch it, mister… we can zing YOU 6 times (hé hé hé)

I want to see more pictures of the Black Cherry car you restored for your son. So, you can be the second car requested.


Jean, consider yourself hoisted. LOL!

Paul, I am pretty fond of that car. And my son deserves a bunch of credit for the work too, that car taught us both many lessons.

Well, seems it’s a big day for ole JB all around, so, SECOND for JB’s!!!

3rd for JB!!

And a 4th for JB; I want to know why he couldn’t use his car to help me haul all that shrubbery to The Curb! :laughing:

And, while I’m at it; I’magonna add a 2nd for Bill’s son’s Cat. It turned up an interest in my then 12 yr-old son; who now is saving up his earnings (from an “under-the-table” job in the fruit-growing industry) in order to “…buy an old truck and you and I can fix it up, Dad. Then I’ll have something to drive after I get my license.” On the other hand, Matt is 15-1/2… probably be another year before I address the '73 :confused:

Oh the heck with it, I do like the wheels they put on the resto-mod Cat and the underhood was already looking good when I last saw it (August 2008).
I’ll still give it a second! :wink:

Johnboy has accepted the challenge! Hope to see something soon.

She still has a long way to go but at least I was able to drive her for a week after replacing a lifter before that one burned through as well. You should have seen my s**t eating grin as I drove her to work the next day. :smiley:

Two of the '80s Craiger SS rims won’t hold air (I replaced the tires). Anyone know if they can be repaired? They have to hold up until I can buy the '69 Boss 302 rims.

Sometimes the problem with a wheel that won’t hold air is that they didn’t clean up the inside bead area of the rim. You find little chunks of rubber that stick to the rim that keep the new tire from sealing. I use steel wool and really clean things up. Sometimes it is a little bit of rust in the same area. OF the inside of the wheel could just be rusty…

Anyway, I am happy for you that you still have the car. I am fond of Black Cherry…

Maybe I could swing two of the Boss rims and just move the two good ones up front. Not a big issue right now until I swap in the new cam and lifters. Winter project?

This was my favorite Cougar I built and owned and now building a offspring to it. (see last picture) Hopefully it will be running and driving sometime this coming spring.

I’ll second that one!

It would be nice to see what my car is should look like.

I promise that I will put this together, but I have been pretty busy with other stuff. In the mean time, Here are a few pics.


Well, mine doesn’t have the pop of Bill’s Black Cherry car against that background or the flair of Local Hero just about anywhere, but here are before and after shots of BBCat:

This winter will (hopefully) see the dash bezels, steering wheel, vent and quarter window frames all restored to complete the cosmetic restoration. The mechanicals have already been done, as have the carpet and front seats.

Dad Gommit… One spot to fill, and all the dang contenders are poster (calendar) quality…

I like!!! Looking forward to the story. No sweaqt. You’ve been VERY busy here.