C Code/Stickshift 1967 Cougar XR7 Project

Hello guys, I’m new to the car community, I bought my first classic car around January. I thought i’d share my experience here. She’s a 1967 Cougar XR7 with a C code 289 and 3.03 Toploader that I’ve named Katiana. Now, I’ve wrenched with my dad growing up but this has been a learning experience.
So far She’s been re-plumbed, new radiator, water pump, hoses, fuel pump, the works, with some advice from my brother who’s building a 67 Mustang. Basically anything with a gasket or rubber has gone bad out here in the desert, which is fine. I’ve been told that the body isn’t in bad shape, especially rust wise. I managed to get a look underneath at the bottom using some one’s lift, I’ve attached some pictures of that as well. I’ve been daily driving this gal for about 3 months now, she’s never left me stranded and so far has only broken down in the driveway. I’m currently waiting on a new master cylinder, as when I went to go get beer, she didn’t have any brakes, but it’s fine, they failed while sitting and not while driving.
The engine is the best running motor I’ve ever owned, threw on a 4 bbl intake and Edelbrock 1406 and she goes vroom every time. I have been trying to figure out how many miles are on the car, the odometer reads 21,169 miles, it does seem to work as I’ve put about 120 miles on it so far. My best guess is that is has rolled over only once, as the engine has excellent compression.
My plans for her is to keep her close to stock, nothing crazy, I’m pretty happy with the output of this little v8. I’d like to look into a T5 swap, advice on what I’ll need for that would be appreciated. But other than that, Once I’m confident she’s mechanically sound then I’ll focus on the bodywork and replacing the sequential flasher with a solid state version, and install my electric headlight actuators, LED bulbs, etc. I think i’ll keep the car black, it has been repainted once before, it was originally alcopoco blue, any advice on the bodywork is appreciated and so is color suggestions, but that’s far off from now.
She also came with the dealer book, with the original owner’s name “Richard Oyler” signed off in 67, who’s name was also on the title of the car. The book has records of oil changes in 67 and 69, the last one logged at what looks like 25017 miles? It was last registered it in 92 to bring the car from Utah to Nevada, the last current registration that was in the car. If anyone knows Richard, let me know, I’d like to ask him about his old car if hes still alive!

Thanks for listening to me ramble and I hope to get to know some of you! I hope to keep you updated! :mrgreen:

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I did not see a price listed? I would like to buy the plates if they become available. Looks solid!

Hello it’s been a bit, the project is still going. I’ve just been doing alot of boring stuff like running brake lines and replacing the master cylender/slave cylenders. I envy you automatic users, it’s a pain to get to that pin with the clutch in the way, replacing the brake light switch was a real chore. They’re manual brakes, so I have no booster, the master is connected directly to the pedal. I have also obtained at set of american racing rims, 14x6 and 14x7 used for 150 for the whole set. Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you guys updated.


Test fitting my back wheels, they look good!

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They do look awesome.

Big rims have their place on restomods etc . But I like the baggy tyred old school smaller mag for that classic look.


Hello guys! I have some more progress updates on the Cougar. I am almost done assembling the dash and she has seen the sun again for the first time in 2 months. I still have some work to do on the brakes, as when I drove her to town, my rear right drum started dragging, bad, and put enough backpressure on my pedal to activate my brake lights. Lesson learned, when you replace 3 wheel cylenders, you NEED to replace the 4th one!
Anywho, thanks for reading this, I will have updates more often now that the weather is cool. Have a good day :slight_smile:

So I’m having a weird issue and need some advice. My brake system has a bunch of backpressure in it, my brake pedal is way up and it’s causing my brake lights to be stuck on. I bought a master cylinder that was fit out for a drum mustang, I assumed they’d be the same, is it possible that the pushrod is too long? Like, my pedal is jammed upward. My rear brakes drag aswell.

Sounds like you have the wrong master cylinder. Do you have power drum brakes? What exactly was this MC supposed to fit? Maybe a link would help

Manual drums. I remember it being fit for a mustang/cougar, here’s the napa link.

there are two drum brake master cylinders. Power drum and manual drum. NAPA doesn’t show that on the application. I hope some one can verify this but I believe that there are also two different pedal set ups. It sounds like you may have the power drum pedal and a manual drum master. I don’t have a '67 manual drum car to check this on.

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I figured out the issue, two issues actually. The automatic brake adjuster, (that hook thing and spur gear) was stripped, so the brake didn’t know when to stop adjusting. The second issue is that the rod for the master cylender was too long. Like ever so slightly too long, not long enough to make me think it’s for a different car, but close enough to make me think that there was an issue in the manufacturing tolerances. The master cylender has since failed aswell, avoid rebuilt Napa branded masters. But I have good news, my dash is in and hooked up, the courtesy lights now come on when i open the door. :astonished:


Dash lights work! No more guessing my speed at night! :metal:

Hello! A little update on the Cougar. The trunk hand grenade has been removed and replaced with a solid state sequential flasher! It’s amazing to see the tail lights blink like they should! The hand grenade still works, although only 2 bulbs will strobe. I may throw the whole assembly onto the marketplace for someone that wants original parts. Message me if you’re interested.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

It was dark enough for my camera to capture it! Glorious sequential tail lights!

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Hello! Small update while i’m waiting for my flowmaster exhaust kit! I got a Marti report on my Cougar! I can’t believe it was ordered with a vinyl top! I’m glad they took it off when they wrecked it, the roof of the car is mint!

Hello! I have been doing small things to the Cougar here and there. It’s my daily driver and my only car right now so I need to pick specific times to work on it. I pulled my headlight switch to see why my dash lights quit coming on, and it was exactly as I expected.
I am also waiting for CJPony to get back with their vendor about sending me a smashed up header. I assumed that I would be blamed for smashing it up, but CJPony has decided to side with me. I can’t wait to put on my Flowmaster Outlaws!
Thanks for reading, I know it’s not much so far, but it’s coming along! :smile_cat:

That header took a serious hit! Not exactly thin metal there…

Nice progress - glad to see a cat is out there still doing what it was intended for!


A small update on the cat, some pictures I’d like to share, and a small story! I got free parking at the carnival by blending in with a car show! I’ll admit, I wasn’t prepared for how much attention my cat would draw. It was all good attention, I met so many people who had Cougars and they told me their stories from back in the day. Even the people who weren’t particularly fond of Fords had stories to tell about their experiences with Cougars. I’m glad to see that there’s a lot of love for these cars, and everyone I met told me in some way that they miss seeing them. There were 60’s Corvettes, Barracudas, Impalas, but everyone seemed to come up to the Cougar and reminisce. It was an amazing experience.
I’ve got the whole winter off, so I’m going to put the car up to work on it. I’ve got a complete Flowmaster Outlaw Exhaust kit, I’m going to paint the bottom of the car while that’s apart, I’m going to pull out the seats and pull out the carpet so I can paint the floor pans, they’re in stellar shape and I’d like the preserve them. I’m going to get those headlights to open too! Then, sometime after the new years, I’m going to get this cat painted! Nordic blue, just like on the VIN, I think she deserves it. Here’s some pictures from the rainy season before I put her in the garage! :smile_cat:


I’ve been neglecting this project so much! I’ve got my work cut out for me under the car, time to saw off those vintage glass packs and go to work with the wire wheel! Stay tuned. :joy_cat:

Fixed my foward-reverse make-it-happener