C6ae-r heads

So I’ve been told these heads will be good to roughly 450hp with a little machine work… Here my question… Will only the heads with the multiple exhaust manifold bolt pattern work in a Cougar? I know these have the 8 bolt holes

They can easily be drilled / tapped for the holes you need.

Cool… If date codes match up I’ll stick with them instead of spending$2k on aluminum heads… I don’t need a race car just a good performance street car.

Every bit of research I do leads to more questions… So I see there were 3 different exhaust bolt patterns for Fe heads… So which would be the best in a cougar and allow header use? The 2 bolt vertical, gt390 pattern or the CJ pattern?And what headers are suggested short or full? I understand shock tower clearance is an issue.

Those were only used in 1966 so no way the date codes could be correct.

Even with a 12/66 build cougar? I understand they started building 67 model year in July/August 66… Just checked my Marti report again… Build date for my cougar was 11/20/66… It was released 12/1/66

What he’s saying is they were only used on ‘66 model year.

Ok gotcha… Sorry for the confusion and all the noobish questions… this is my 1st classic. It’s far from concourse just want a nice driver that performs well. And I’m learning these FE motors are way different than anything I’ve worked on

These are as cheap as your going to get, these are cobrajet clones only in aluminum.

The only foolish questions are the ones that don’t get asked.

Thank you!

Does anyone know off hand which headers will fit these heads and work in the cougar? A guy in fe engine enthusiast says he has a 67 with these heads and headers but doesn’t know what brand.

They have the same exhaust ports as any of the low performance 390GT heads. They need to be drilled and tapped for the bolt pattern used in the Mustang / Cougar / Fairlane / Comet. Then you can use any header or exhaust manifolds made for 67 - 70 Mustang / Cougar.

That’s the 14 hole right? I think that can’t be without relocating the top holes right? On these heads the vertical home are in alignment… are the 14 hole verticals different? I’m not trying to question you Royce. Just trying to wrap my head around an engine with so many different heads, this is new to me lol.

“Ford Power Applications” FPA makes a nice header. Ive used them in several cars with no fitment issues. They fit a whole lot better than Hooker’s.

Basically you have to position each exhaust manifold on the cylinder heads, mark the holes, drill them and tap them 3/8-16 NC.

This photo is an 8 bolt head that has been drilled for either 14 or 16 bolt pattern. In your case you will have to plug one hole (#4 cylinder, top bolt hole) with a piece of cut off bolt, which is sealed in place with RTV, then ground smooth with a sanding disc after the sealant is dry.

This photo shows a plug installed in the #4 lower hole.

gte+heads+14 and 8 bolt.jpg

Make sure you have your socks off when you count…cuz if I remember correctly -R heads do not have the boss for diagonal bolt holes on all the ports…then there are -r heads which R different from -R heads…see what I did there ? Here are true wirds of wisdom …No headers on FE street cars…what fer ? The added heat…the added noise…the added maintenance headache ? The added power…you will not feel it…Pay a machinist to true up the exhaust face of your tall port heads …match drill them to CJ Exhaust manifolds and live in peace and harmony…the ONLY other optiin would be drop BIG coin on really top shelf headers like FPA’s …Really spend your money smartly …forget the FE set up …FE = f"=@kn expensive…put a stroker small block in there…a nice 408 with short tube headers…put a set of 6.5 litre badges on the fender and smile smile smile

You are mistaken. The C6AE 6090-R heads have the bosses for 14 bolt / 16 bolt pattern.

Not all of them do…I have had a few sets that had the boss and a few that did not…I still will admit to not being 100 % sure about there being a difference with 14 bolt or 16 bolt…I do know…my first pass with a lo buck solid cam cleveland pulling hard ALL the way made mevforget about all the coin I spentbtrying to get similar level of power from a 390

I think you are completely mistaken.