Can anyone identify this 4 speed?

someone local is selling a transmission for a great deal and says its a close ratio 4 speed, and the code on it is HEK-VD. anyone have a idea of what this came out of? he hasnt sent pics yet, so i havent seem it.

If those letters are correct, I don’t know what you’ve got there, not listed here:

I saw his ad, for $100 OBO it includes the shifter and linkage. You should at least go see it in person; and for $100 ( maybe less ), you can’t go wrong with that.

Be careful…make sure it is not a 3-speed with overdrive. Those transmissions look very similar to a 4-speed, but they are not the same. For a $100…that is all a 3-speed OD is worth, but if it is a true 4-speed…that is a steal!! Be sure to check the casting numbers. If they are in the late 70’s stay away…if they are sixties or early 70’s…then you will probably be ok.

I’m leaning toward this being a mid 60’s T-10

yea, you see it on or somewhere else? and yea im hoping to check it out soon. $100 isnt that bad, better than the FMX i have now.

you know any casting numbers for a 3 speed with overdrive? so i can make sure that its not that. are they really that bad? or just not worth anything? i hoping its a 4 speed! i believe if anything its early 70’s.

also, anyway i can tell if its a 3 speed or 4 by looking at it? any little feature that i can look for, other than casting numbers…

put it in high gear and spin the input shaft by hand. If the output shaft turns faster, then it’s the overdrive. If the shafts turn the same, it’s a four speed.

3 speed has two levers on the case, 4 speed has three levers.

3 speed with overdrive has three levers like the 4 speed. But, here is some info on how to tell one apart from a 4 speed: Toploader Imposters (it pays to poke around the links people provide! :poke: )

heres some more info, what it says on the case

T10 H-1

and other pic:

T10 H-7 5?

those mean anything? all i can tell is that its a t10.

Good info, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a 3 speed overdrive. Helps not to get dooped at the swap meets.

4 speeds really do have some value. I replaced mine this past winter. It had a broken drivers top ear and one of the front plugs had a dime smacked in it. It shook on acceleration and was leaking to the point of having a wet clutch. I returned/sold back the one that was broken and got 350.00 for it. The case was junk, just the stuff inside had some value.

Just wondering Doc, where did you get the new trans (and to whom did you sell your old one back)?

I don’t get it, what’s the difference between a 3-speed plus overdrive vs a 4-speed, other than the 4-speed having a top gear ratio of 1 as opposed to an overdriving ratio? Or is that the only difference? Why is having an overdrive less desirable? I would think for a car that would be driven on the highway much at all, it would be preferable.

It is the difference between a 3 speed and a 4 speed, assume you already see why people like a 4 speed over a 3 speed? The overdrive is fine but no one wants a 3 speed manual.

Oh so it’s a 3-speed where 3rd gear is overdrive? I thought people were talking about a 4-speed where 4th is overdrive. Sure I can understand why people prefer a 4-speed over a 3-speed, or a 5-speed over a 4-speed for that matter. I was just confused. How weird. :slight_smile:


No, it’s a three speed with an overdrive, so your second statement is correct. The ratios in three speeds do not allow the engine to be used as efficiently as four speeds and so even with an overdrive they are not valued by most people (that’s my take anyway). Four speed with an overdrive, well we know people like them.

Quoting a post from what a quick web search turned up:

The progressive gear ratio of having the extra 4th gear helps to keep the engine within it’s power band better. There is less load placed on the engine as it won’t have to overcome the wider ratio spacing between each gear that is found with the use of a 3 speed

Yeah I already knew that years ago, even before I started learning about cars, from tuning my cars in Gran Turismo 3 on my Playstation. :slight_smile:

Before I bought my Cougar I went online and looked up the specs on the C4 and then in GT3 picked the closest car they had to the Cougar in terms of weight and being front engine rear wheel drive and all, and then adjusted the gear settings to match the C4.

Just like in real life, it was slow and clunky compared to super hotrodded 600HP cars with computerized differential controllers and weight reduction kits and carbon driveshaft and etc etc.

So yeah, keeping the engine running in the powerband, knew it!

My 55 has the 3 speed with overdrive.
Believe it came from a Granada.