Carb spacer on the GTE 427?


Did the GTE 427 come with a carb spacer like the CJ? (I am suspecting not, given the hood clearances)

My car has a non original carb and is fitted with a sheet stainless steel spacer. The only markings on the spacer are ‘UP’ and ‘REAR’. Is this an original part or added on with the replacement Holley?


I could have sworn I replied to this inquiry yesterday, but go figure …no reply shows up. So …here goes again …the 427 GT-E had a phenolic spacer, two carb gaskets along with the stainless steel “gasket” like device you mention.

Jim you did reply. Your post is showing in the 1968 S Code air cleaner thread topic.

Ha! I was trying to see where your reply on my classifieds belonged Jim.

I have no idea how it got there, but I was pretty sure I’d tried to reply. Thanks guys.

The stainless deflector is a very hard to find part, you are lucky to have that!!!

Jim, Royce,

Thanks! Great news.

Over the weekend I rebuilt the carb and replaced the fuel tank as the fuel system was full of gum and debris after 25 years in a barn. I also rebuilt the brake distribution block and proportioning valve, replaced the booster and master cylinder, and bled the brakes. So now it goes and stops. Still some tuning to do, but she idles smoothly and makes great power on the short runs I have done so far. Looking good.



please can you provide a foto of that Stainless steel part?

Thank you

Mike, I am glad that it runs well for you after being parked for so long.

I was very impressed with the over all condition and how compete your car was when I did the inspection. :beerchug:


I am away from home for a few days. i will post some photos of the spacer and dimensions on the weekend.


Yes, I agree. I don’t understand why it has that bad paint job, and the shock towers need some work, but the rest of the car is in remarkable condition for a 46 year old car. I am amazed at how clean the underside remains, and how all the bolts are clean and rust free. The headlight vacuum system is fully functional, rear window defogger works, all electricals seem to work except the the turn signals. Also, the underside of the dash and the wiring is in really nice shape.


:beerchug: Thank you!


Are you going to take it to the Mustang owners show at Rocklea on 14th September?

I get the 428 back on Friday so I should be there if I can get it cleaned up in time

A couple of photos of the stainless spacer attached below.

Dimensions are:

L. 6.5". 165mm

W (widest points). 5 5/16". 151mm



Mike what are the square tabs for in the left venturi openings on the plate?

How thick is the Material?

Thank you

It is .036" stainless steel.

Thank you Royce :beerchug:

Is there a picture of this phenolic spacer ,is it four barrel holes or a wide open area .

Here’s a picture of the repop.

Is wccc repop an accurate repo , and what’s the order of installation is the phenolic first then stainless under the carb?