Classic Cougar Community vs

I say it’s no contest. This site is great! Logan created a great site, but I am pretty sure it will be dead soon. This is feeling like a site created by ALL OF US!

votes? CCC or MC.NET?

CCC, now, hands down. MC.not USED to feel the way this place does now. Can’t blame Logan for making a buck, though, when his interests turned to other things.

I’ll put in a shameless plug here, too, don’t forget about

It’s still just starting, but, with time, will be great also(and not in competition, just another site with no ads to frequent!)

Both seem good to me. The net has a lot of history and a lot more tech stuff. This one is more banter friendly.

I enjoy both sites but if I had to choose just one this would be it. We’ve got a good thing going on here thanks to Bill and all of the members.

I visit both sites equally but now this is where I post new threads. For a while after the upheaval at I posted in both places, but not anymore.

I have the same feeling as most. was at one time, THE place for Cougar folk. It seems it has all shifted over here, which is fine with me. I’m not crazy about the wasteful sponsors and non-addressed concerns. I am not near as active as I once was, but that has a lot to do with work picking back up, which is keeping my ass off the computer. I still visit all of them daily, just don’t browse as much as I once did.

Anyone know how to copy an entire thread from over there? I would kinda like to save my build thread, and am worried that it may be gone for good once they shut the place down.

With time, Classic Cougar Garage will have tons more tech. Rocketman has been adding stuff almost daily.

Thanks guys, for the vote of confidence, and kind words. Just keep those suggestions coming.

I have been talking to Don at WCCC about doing more video tech stuff. Mostly more shorter videos that cover tip and tricks and even some of the basic but common stuff. They are pretty busy around there, but stay tuned.

Though I Still visit, I don’t sign in. And considering the fact that everyone with credible info has already migrated to here, I don’t forsee myself signing in anytime soon. as far as Cougar Garage, I probably don’t sign in as much as I should, But Rocketman was actually the first contact I had on about a 460 in my '68), and I found through IMOA(Had a '59 F100 with a 430 MEL Block, and no clue how to tell what it was!)…

Anyhoo, CCC vs. Kind of a No-Brainer!


I come here first if that tells you all anything.

For me the is not longer an option. I just hate it too much when my posts about restoration work are used to sell advertisements for a services that provide hookers and gold diggers to lonely horny men. Then when I think about it, what should I expect? After all it is a forum where the users are searching for cougars :biggrin2:

MCN used to be my home page. Not anymore… Always come here first, but still check out over there pretty much daily. One can never get too much of a Cougar fix…
Once again: THANKS BILL!!!

I remember december, last year, when Bill invited folks here, just in case went down the tubes. This was launched “just in case” in order to have a place to meet and to grow. Well, It did. A bit slowly at first, but, no question was left unanswered, and we almost had to fight to have a donation button set up. (even had an issue about location of said button :laughing:). All requests were looked into, and i don’t even remember if anything was ever deemed impossible. One memorable moment was Desert Dawg’s BOOM thread to wake up the community.

Like most, i visit the original less often, gave up on reading all of it. I read all here, and at CCG, which is also a fine place, that i can’t wait to see in 1 year. I seriously consider ourselves like “spoiled children” here.

Thank you Bill!


Gry do you have any more pictures of Nadia?
I went from reading every post on to visiting there maybe once a week. I think the fate of that site is pretty clear.
I check this site every day on a bad day, sometimes two or three times if I’m not busy or need a break. It’s definitely

I was a little sore at Logan for making money off the site.
I felt like it was a community maintained site, and that we all had as much invested in making it a good place with a profound depth of content as he did.
Before anyone gets their bowels in an uproar over the aforementioned statement, I’m not talking about his legal right. I’m talking about an ethic of care for the vigilance and work members put in there.
Just Royce’s 5k+ posts alone are enough to make the site worthwhile to new hobbyists. Add in e-Bob’s, Mark D’s, Bill’s, and lots of others and it’s really much more than the value of the url and whose name is on the paperwork.

Other boards, like the cleveland forum are privately owned and managed largely like a pirate ship with the cap’n calling the shots too. But, despite the wealth of information over there (George Pence’s posts alone… sheesh!) it’s still not been taken to the pawn shop and sold to the highest bidder who would then start wringing it out like a dishrag.

So, I tend to contribute over here more. But, I’ve learned my lesson over there. :beerchug:

Going into this board, I know that Bill is a businessman and that one day the same could happen. That’s a much better notion to me than feeling like I’m contributing to a community and then having the rug yanked out from under me.

Good points Andy. I am having fun doing this, but maybe now is the time to do some sort of transition plan. What if we formalized some sort of way for the members to actually own the site? I think we would have to be pretty creative, but I am certainly open to suggestions.

Bill, are you suggesting we buy shares?

I don’t think so… Really I have no idea. I was just thinking that there ought to be some kind of assurance that what happened to MC.Net not happen here. I have no plans, but I could get run over by a bus or something.

What kind of money are these sites selling for? Thousands or hundereds of thousands? And didn’t Logan have some standing offers from a few members to buy his site once he decided he wanted to do so? I have seen quite a few forums I’m on sell in the last few years. And alternate sites started as a result.

I for one would be more than willing to contribute or take partial ownership or buy shares, whatever the case may be. Frankly what nearly happened with TCCN and then what did happen with really pisses me off. I understand the legality of the situation, but IMO to cash in on the contributions of the community at large is morally and ethically wrong. Particularly when you are accepting donations from the membership to help keep the site running. I’m sure no one posted anything on with the intention of being compensated, but by the same token I’m sure no one had the motivation of making the site profitable for Logan. If the situation arose where Logan could not or simply no longer wanted to maintain the site, it should have been offered to the members. If that had to be done in a manner to compete against the new owners, then so be it. But instead it was simply sold out from under everyone. For that reason I have a very low opinion of Logan.