Classic Dash and Dakota Digital Gauges

Hey, has anyone had experience putting in a Classic Dash dash face in a 67? Do Dakota Digital Gauges fit in it? I found the diameter of the gauges, but not the holes in the dash plate. How is the fit on the dash? Pros/Cons of Dakota Digital? I like the look of them. Not sure how they are mounted. I don’t think you would use the cluster?
I have a 67 standard and put a new engine in it. I need more gauges (water, volts, etc.) according to my hubby. I don’t really like the look of the Classic Dash, but I don’t think we have many options. I do like the wood dashes made by David Garcia that I’ve seen on Facebook, but I can’t figure out how to contact him. Any help on any of this would definitely be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

While I have not used that specific kit I did something similar using an xr7 dash cluster and speedhut gauges. I’m sure something similar could be done with the Dakotas and you can use vinyl wrap to create a custom wood grain look pretty easy. I used a gun metal flat grey to match my interior. My car is a standard as well but the xr7 parts fit the same.

You can see more details on how I installed them here

Here’s my classic dash in carbon fiber. It fit pretty good with minor trimming.


Did you wire it in by cutting the factory harness or were you able to wire it in with the factory connectors? Is the speedo mechanical (cable) or did you switch to electronic? Thanks.

On mine I used the factory xr7 gauge harness to modify to keep the circuits I needed(ie turn signals) and eliminate the rest. The gauges use their own senders in most cases and those get wired direct. The factory dash wiring was not modified in any way.