Congrat's Bob E.

Looks like you made it!

Even though it’s on the back page, it’s still a Cougar!!

Good Job!

Modified Mustangs and Fords Feb 2012

I just dropped that mag. because it sucked big time… Congrats. anyway

Well gee, thanks Don! Great to be mentioned in a mag (I think, I not have received my Feb. edition yet), even if it “sucked big time”, LOL.

At least I think we’re talking about me/my car, both Bob E. and E-Bob correctly refer to me!

Congrats on being in the mag! I only get Hemmings Muscle Machines, it dosen’t suck. :laughing: Can someone scan the write up and post it so we can check it out.

Just what I was about to ask !

I know there are implications with copyright and such, but some of us are dang fer’ners and can’t get the chance to read some of these mags.

If no one else comes across with a scan by the time I receive mine, I’ll do the deed.

Always nice to be in a magazine. Congrats.

Congrats Bob. Yes please post a scan asap. Very cool.

Just bought my copy of the mag. Congrats Bob. :thumbup: John


I have no clue of what they did, no one contacted me, I just wrote them once or twice (when I didn’t hear back the first time, I wrote again as I recall). So what is it? A “Readers Roundup” thing? Just looked at the issues I have and at the end of the mag all there is is “Garage Q&A”, it’s not in that section is it? What is it??

You’re killing me John! (but thanks!) Any chance of making and posting a scan?


Not to be a buzz kill but isn’t scanning and posting a current-print magazine a pretty clear violation of copyright law?

LOL Bob. OK, you’re correct, it’s in the “Readers’ Roundup” section with the pic of Isabel next to the white fence. It basicly explains the meaning behind the name of the car, how long the restoration took, where the motor and transmission came from and also list a few of the modifications. I don’t have the capability to scan the article (and after reading tmh’s post, I wouldn’t want to do anything that might violate copyright laws even if I could scan). IMO, I think it’s a nice writeup. Maybe, they’ll contact you to do a feature article on the car. It also lists the link to the thread on the other forum. John

Thanks John! And, Groovy!


It’s worth checking but IIRC it’s ok providing you only post certain content (ie not the entire article) and credit the authors and original publishers.

It also sticks in my mind that there’s something about it being ok if it’s intended as a part of, or to use as a point to form a discussion, but I’d maybe double check it first.

I might have been born at night… but it wasn’t LAST NIGHT!!

So I’m calling :bs:

Reader’s Round-Up is the last few pages of the mag where readers get to show off their own stuff. It is not a full feature but usually a quarter to a half page write-up based on text and a picture that the “Reader” provided. So the whole playing dumb with respect to not knowing what’s in there or even how it got there is totally bogus. It had to be one of your prior submissions or perhaps something that your wife sent in without your knowing.

But enjoy the limelight anyway. I know you’re gonna.

As I said, I haven’t yet received the magazine and so I am not able to see what was printed in it. The prior submissions have already been covered. So what is it exactly that doesn’t make sense to you “good buddy”?

Sure are glad you are here to make sure I don’t “pull one over” on the community though…

You Mark, are what is totally bogus.

Happy New Year.

The question was raised about posting copyrighted material. I think that this article, story about Bob’s Cougar is covered by the fair use of copyrighted material. If I am reading it correctly its ok to post a scan.
This what the “Fair Use” states.

Fair use is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. In United States copyright law, fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship.

Any of our cars that get coverage in print or media is great for the Classic Cougar Community.

You just need to stop with the acting like this is such a shocker that you’re in there. EVERYBODY knows you’re not THAT humble. It wasn’t just some random luck of the draw sort of thing that they finally accepted your submission.

But I also agree with Steven that ANY coverage is good coverage. Even for you Bob.

I think we can run this here if we attribute where the content came from. This is not a commercial site (no charge for admission) and we are displaying the material for educational purposes. I look forward to seeing what they did. It would be cool to have more Cougars in print but the way print magazines are going that seems unlikely.

I’d LOVE to see it and what it is about (didn’t come in today’s mail either). Truth be told I still haven’t found this readers roundup thing in the issues I do have, I don’t sit still long enough to read for the most part. Further truth is I rarely read the magazines I (only sometimes) subscribe to unless I have to sit somewhere with nothing to do, like a Dr.'s appointment or something. So not often. They just sit in a pile until the next time comes when I might be able to spend a little time looking at them.

So maybe some people could find it in their hearts to allow for the outside possibility that my posts are just what they appear to be, not some contrived pretense hoping to drum up attention. Truth is none of what these people that have decided that I am a scumbag for (mostly the curbsters) was intended to be anything even remotely like what they think. What to say and how to say it has always been a problem for me and I guess I think that if I say everything that I think maybe people will somehow understand where I am coming from. They don’t. They think it is attention seeking, it isn’t. It is trying to share the joy that creating a car from a pile of crap has brought me and the self-validation that it provides. Creating things helps me feel good. Unfortunately to some it appears like I am some pompous, blowhardy grandstander, I am not and I apologize if I come off that way, it is not my intention. I am also overly sensitive and it is a problem. For the things I sometimes post when I feel hurt I apologize as well.

Anyway, again, I would love to see what was printed. I wrote twice asking to be considered for publication, God (and you all) knows I have a lot to say/show about what I have done! A readers roundup thing is nice, but I really want to be published. And who knows, maybe nothing will never be good enough for me to feel the way I want to feel, but I have to try. I just wish I could avoid bringing negative attention to myself, it is the last thing I need/want.