Detroit area 1969 base convertible restomod

Looks like exciting progress Wawazat…

It is kinda funny how in Oz I am the weirdo with the Windsor (the land of the 302/351 Clevelands)…

Such a point of difference in US fords…

That’s an interesting take on the differences Jaymo! Clevelands are much less common here though in the Motor City you can still find them out and about-at least when the weather is good!

Got to work on the car today. Simple tasks-draining engine oil, trans fluid, rear axle fluid-and starting to pull down the exhaust and driveshaft for an exciting new addition. I’ll post up more details soon but it’s really exciting to me.

Still working through the details on the new addition.
In other news, it appears that Trans Am Race Engineering, the maker of my Superlite wheels, has ceased operation. I found a few remaining wheels at Classic Industries and bought a pair of 17x9.5” for the rear and put them in storage. I need to button up the exhaust, replace a brake line and bleed, and then track down what I think is a clutch system leak.

I almost forgot! I sent Rocketman a blank plate from my gauge cluster and got this back.

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I really like the look of the standard dash with this tach conversion. He does such fine work.

I’m really excited to get it in the car this year! It looks exactly like what I had in mind for the dashboard and is a lot less expensive than a dashboard full of new custom gauges.

I really like those wheels. Its a same they discontinued them!

Thanks DieselD. I love the classic look but modern sizing! It’s too bad they’re no longer available. If I can find one more 17x8 in 5x4.5”/114.3mm I may buy it. I’ve got a matching spare in my car now as the 14” steelie with 70’s era bias-ply spare wouldn’t fit over the brakes. One more wheel and I could equip a second Cougar in the future, say if I got divorced for buying it!

That Tach!

I have bad Rocketman tach envy… I am looking at an XR-7 tach amongst my classic gauges and it kills me… but I have blown the budget getting the thing back on the road… can’t justify the tach + core + landing this tach in OZ when my current tach works…. Maybe back half of the year…

I got excited when I thought mine had failed, but it was just an early symptom of my big short circuit event.

Pretty sweet, isn’t it? :grinning:

Same here-XR7 tach in base dash-but mine has never worked. Not a big deal in the past but I’m excited to have it available.

I did a couple of small upgrades last night and hope to get a few more in/on today.

With the upcoming Woodward Dream Cruise getting closer I’ve been doing some more stuff to the car. A quick polish of the steering wheel spokes was first. Today I mounted the new rear wheels and tires-17” x 9.5” with 275/40-17 Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 tires.

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With the current rear leaf spring suspension I could probably fit a 295 tire. The new rear suspension from Street or Track is a coil over suspended three link so I should have even more clearance on the inside in the future.

Been a bit. I drove the car through late October and then stashed it away in the garage. Today I have some time to work on it so I headed out to the garage and it fired up with the first key switch to the starter. Backed it out so I can get the steering column dropped in preparation to pull the rack as it’s leaking and I want to modify the rack frame for better access to make camber adjustments.