Driveshaft stripes? 1967 GT 4 speed car

Hey guys. I’m in the process of restoring my driveshaft and would like to reproduce the stripes if anyone has the info. It’s a may '67 built standard GT 4 speed car. Thanks!

Should be the same as 1968 390 4 speed with a light blue, red and light green stripe front - rear about midway. The rear is marked with a pale yellow stripe maybe 4" forward of the yoke. Stripes were applied in the driveshaft balancing lathe with a brush so very sloppy and hurried.

Thanks Royce. Just stopped by michaels today to pick up various oil paints !

Do you have a 289 or a 390 car as that would make a difference in which driveline/driveshaft the car originally had. 289 and 390 4 speed ones are different. So something to consider.

BTW on Mustangs the 67 and 68 390 4 speed driveshaft markings are different. Just thought I would mention that fact

All 1967 Cougars with the GT package are 390 GT engines.

Thanks Royce for the Cougar education. Didn’t know the fact that on Cougars the GT package was so limited

Too bad the marking colors are not identified/called out on the buildsheets like in 68 and up

Thank you Royce and Jeff. I did not know that build sheets pre '68 didn’t have marking colors. I recall my yoke had orange paint? I don’t remember which end it was. Does anyone have info on the yoke paint?

Yes the yokes for your application were paint a typical orange to identify them for the worker building the driveline. This means that they were painted completely then machined so those surfaces would be bare clean steel and when they welded the yoke to the tube some of the paint along that weld would be burnt from the heat

OK Jeff. Would both front and rear yokes have orange?

Do you have any documentation for leaf spring stripes for the same car? - '67 GT 390 competition suspension, non-A/C, 4 speed, standard interior, anything else you need?

Believe both yokes are the exact same size so yes they would both be identified the same way.

Sorry don’t have enough pictures and data for the rear springs. They are listed on buildsheets if you could find another car equipped exactly the same I just don’t have matching ones. The other way would be to find and record the engineering codes from the rear springs and match those to someone elses rear springs stamped the same from around the same time period. Springs have that information also. Surprised you mentioned Comp suspension. Was not aware that Cougars had that option. Very very (likely a couple of dozen built) Mustangs were ordered with that package. Owned on once upon a time

Rear springs with the competition suspension setup are marked with a pair of stripes orange and silver on the marked leaf. Two suppliers were used.

Thank you for the help Jeff

Great info Royce. Your photos prompted me to pull out my original bottom leafs. I had forgotten I found 2 green stripes on them. Does this sound familiar?

I will look in the MPC to see if the C7WA-L is listed. It’s not familiar to me but may be in there.

So I just checked the April 1969 MPC. The C7WA-L rear leaf spring is not listed. That simply means it was not available as a service part, and it was not replaced by anything. No idea what the original application was.

Interesting, thanks for checking. I have no reason to believe they were ever changed at any time. the car sat from 1981 until i bought it in 2021. Here is the driveshaft now

I show two green as the original rear spring markings for 67 S code 4 speed, closed car, with AC application. They may have shared the same rear springs.

Mustang springs are too short to be used on Cougar.

“Mustang springs are too short to be used on Cougar.”

Royce what is this in response to? Color coding I mentioned in the reply above was from Cougar buildsheet